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Desktop Caption

You OWN WinAmp!

You OWN WinAmp!

Full HotKey Control under Winamp + Cool transparent Caption Window!Try It!

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December 8, 2002 by Vladimir Gondarev8843 downloads

Desktop Caption - You OWN WinAmp!

Staff review

Hotkeys and caption

Configurable hotkeys for Winamp's main functions such as play/pause/volume/fwd/prev/shuffle/etc. Also has a caption window that displays song info...configurable screen position and transparency. An all around useful plugin.


This is a MUST-HAVE for any Winamp user - I don't like a lot of plugins, I don't like how useless most of them are, how gimmicky, or how buggy they are. This plugin is all about business, no fluff. It's perfect for a quick glance at what's playing without getting in the way. The transparency, the color, and even the placement is all configurable. - March 8, 2006 by James Oltmans

Just what I wanted - Vladimir has created a great plugin that provides everything I want for WinAmp, but could use one thing, removal of the boarder windows adds to the popup. - November 17, 2003 by N P