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Dell XPS M1330 Media Buttons

Dell M1330 Media Buttons And Remote Control

Dell M1330 Media Buttons And Remote Control

The plug-in give support to control Winamp from remote control or media buttons for Dell XPS M1330 laptop.The following remote control keys are implemented: Play/PauseNext TrackPrevious TrackStopVolume UpVolume DownUp Arrow -> Volume UpDown Arrow ->Volume DownLeft Arrow -> Jump 5 secs backRight Arrow -> Jump 5 secs forwardOK -> Open file window.The following media buttons are implemented: Play/Pause Next TrackPrevious TrackStopVolume UPVolume Down.The plugin was originally developed by Matt Whitlock from are available here:http://forum.softpedia.comindex.php?showtopic=414100Dan Berteanu

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July 22, 2008 by Berteanu Dan29956 downloads

Dell XPS M1330 Media Buttons - Dell M1330 Media Buttons And Remote Control

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Untested plugin. Try it out and tell us what you think.


Great! It even works for my Sony Vaio! - July 6, 2010 by MAG

Fantastic! Works a treat on my M1330 under XP. Thanks. - January 4, 2010 by Tim Harman

Work just fine! - This plugin is priceless!I was unable to get the multimedia keys to work with winamp before installing it, but now they work just fine.I'm with Dell XPS M1710. - October 2, 2009 by dinamic

Sweet! - I've been dying to get a plug-in that would work with my dell media keys. I had not really thought about the remote, but this little beauty works with both. My system is an XPS M1530 and it works great, even when Winamp is minized, which was a shocker since it doesn't work for Windows Media player like that. Great work! =o) - July 28, 2009 by G33K Co

It works! - Hey all,I have a XP@ 1530 and this plug-in really works. Also, it makes the laptop buttons to work with WINAMP, not just with the remote control.Another happy "customer".Regards,Hugo. - April 2, 2009 by Hugo Llerena

Very good - Works perfectly on a HP Pavilion laptop as well. Great work, thanks! - December 27, 2008 by Samsa Kekkerooo

Vostro 1310 - Thank you for this plugin, works also with Vostro 1310! - September 10, 2008 by k rizkin

it works!!! - FYI this works for most Windows Media Center remotes. So don't look away just because you don't have a dell! - August 31, 2008 by Azarel Fernandes

Great! - Works with Dell XPS M1710. - August 24, 2008 by Zach Huch

great - works also with hp quick lauch buttons! - August 20, 2008 by mela domenici

HP too? - tested on HP Pavilion dv2000. Worked great, and anyone who owns one and likes to tweak knows that the buttons are not programable and always launch the same quicklaunch program - unless you have media center installed. These are the only two programs they work for, and that includes windows media player on the exclusion list... this little gem installed so easily and just worked... no settings no tinkering, it just worked! would get 5* rating if i could reprogram a couple extra buttons, but the remote (hp's looks similar to the dell in the graphic) even scrolls through the media library!! WELL DONE! - August 18, 2008 by Kenneth Bandoly

Very good - This plug-in works very good also with desktops wich had a keyboard with media buttons. Finaly we can control winamp with those buttons not oly WMP. - August 11, 2008 by Alex Alex

So Grateful! - Also works with Dell Inspiron notebooks. =) Glad my remote is no longer superfluous. - August 9, 2008 by Jennifer Kimbro

dell inspiron 1520 - I have a dell inspiron 1520 and this plugin worked very fine with me, i am so happy i found it because the only prog that i could use with my remote control was media player! and i prefer my music with winampThank you so much - August 5, 2008 by Osama Dakhil

Simplicity at its best ! - I just installed the plug in and I was just blown away. Such a simple utility which makes a great difference to the listening pleasure. Works perfectly fine with my M1330. Now, if only you guys could implement a shuffle button for the remote control, it would just be perfect :)Who needs an apple macbook for the same functions now huh...lolRock on! - July 31, 2008 by Hassen Hossenbaccus

HP Pavilion tested sucessfull... - HP Pavilion tested sucessfull... - July 29, 2008 by sbr 777

Fantastic! - I have a Dell Studio not a XPS but this worked great for mine! Thanks for the awesome plug-in! - July 26, 2008 by Holly Watson

great plugin - works also with fujitsu-simens amilo noteboks - July 25, 2008 by Leonid Remmel

rocks on my XPS 1730M - Works great on my new Dell XPS 1730M, many thx to Dan Berteanu !5 Points because it was a snap to install :-) - July 24, 2008 by yage chef