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Cubicle Jukebox

Allows control of winamp accross a TCP/IP network.

Allows control of winamp accross a TCP/IP network.

Has its own independent client that can be copied onto any windows computer allows for most major winamp funcitonality including come limited playlist manipulation.

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May 9, 2002 by Jason Webb14408 downloads

Cubicle Jukebox - Allows control of winamp accross a TCP/IP network.

Staff review

Remote control of Winamp thru TCP/IP network

Very easy to set up and use... comes in especially handy when you are working on two different computers and don't want to switch machines to play music. A solid download that will have you remotely controlling your music in no time.


Excelente plugin! - Doble click en el exe, esperar que se instale (demanda unos pocos segundos) y comenzar a usarlo es todo lo que hay que hacer. No es necesario conocer IP's, puertas de enlace ni nada que se le parezca, solo hay que escribir el nombre de la PC donde esta el Winamp funcionando y sale. Es el mejor por lejos de todos los que probe. - September 17, 2007 by Pablo Canello

Great Plugin!!! - This plugin ROCKS! Every year at halloween and christmas, I always have music/sounds with the decorations, using winamp. This control beats having to use VNC to start/stop the music. If you do this at your house I HIGHLY recommend using this plugin. - October 30, 2005 by Cliff S

A Godsend... - This was exactly (nearly) what I was looking for. Typical situation: "Work" comp at one end of the room, "entertainment" machine at the other... Too lazy to get up to change the tracks. My only wish is for a start vis-plugin switch. Otherwise, fits like a glove. Thanks for the plugin! - May 2, 2003 by K B

Works perfectly - I downloaded this awhile back for controlling my surround-sound machine from my laptop, so I could change music without having to get out of bed and walk across the room (lazy, isn't it?) It works perfectly, and flawlessly. The only thing I think would be handy is the ability to store multiple connection addresses. Anyways, this has proved for a great prank, also, as you can control winamp over a network, or over the internet, so I can control my friend's playlist from eight blocks away without being noticed. Again, this is terriffic software!!! - August 16, 2002 by Mew 13

Fantastic - Wow. I can finally put to use the pile of 486 laptops I have laying around. This is really a fantastic idea, and works flawlessly. The only thing that is missing is a playlist implementation. Aside from that, I give Cubicle Jukebox an A+. - April 4, 2002 by dave linderman