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Make Winamp transparent

Make Winamp transparent

This nifty little plugin makes Winamp transparent (only WiN2k though)

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October 3, 2001 by Manuel Woelker11577 downloads

CThru - Make Winamp transparent

Staff review

Does what it says

Nifty plugin that allows for you to run a transparent Winamp revealing whatever you have below...looks especially cool if you have a Winamp skin and a wallpaper that work well together. It would be nice to have some configuration options tho... transparency level, which window to make transparent, etc. Works only with win2000.


Boo - Boo, horrible...Nobody uses WIN2k Anymore..Update it already. - June 17, 2003 by Tyler Case

4 stars for Completeness? - where are my options??? I just get an "about box" when pressing configure.. don't you think I should be able to configure how transparent it should be? depending on the skin, I can't even read what's in the playlist. transparency is nice, but this is only half done.. and as more programs are supporting transparency (including more winamp plug-ins), this is nothing to write home about. - June 8, 2002 by Liam Morley

Awesome! - I thought I had to wait for Winamp 3 to get alpha blending on my skins. This is great! Make the level of alpha blending configurable and it will be perfect! If I hear one more person moaning about no alpha blending support in WIN98 I'm going to scream. Upgrade fr00TZ! Go with 2000 or XP for full alpha blending support out of the box. - May 13, 2002 by Jeremy Brown