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Crystal Classic Skins

Transparency support for Classic Skins

Transparency support for Classic Skins

Implements transparency feature, similar to the one offered by default in modern skins


-Similar menu selection style

-individual and linked window options

-handles by default all winamp windows

-handles skinned windows created by other plugins

-auto opaque on window mouse hover or get focus

-fade-in, fade-out effects

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March 5, 2006 by Ioannis Epaminonda13255 downloads

Crystal Classic Skins - Transparency support for Classic Skins

Staff review

Transparency for classic skins

This provides the same implementation of window transparency for classic skins as Winamp natively provides for Modern skins.

Works well and the tight integration into the player is well done.


perfect - exactly what I needed - September 6, 2007 by tr 67

nice plugin, some bugs here though - the optical effect is nice, i especially love the hover option. i'd give this plugin a 5 star rating but there are two things that bother me: every time i do a right click on the winamp window, a menu called "Window Settings" is added. so after 10 clicks i have like 10 of this menu .. hmm. the other thing is, that my "mp3cue" and "streamripper" plugins are not affected by your plugin. looks kinda crappy if only one half of winamp got transparency. well.. maybe other ppl aint got this problems, in that case: a decent plugin and a good eyecatcher. - March 29, 2006 by ali baba