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Crossfading Output

Crossfades Winamp's output between tracks

Crossfades Winamp's output between tracks

This crossfading plug-in lets you crossfade between tracks in the playlist in realtime. It is pretty limited though, and we consider it experimental.

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April 23, 2000 by Justin Frankel1173044 downloads

Crossfading Output - Crossfades Winamp's output between tracks

Staff review

Essential DJ tool

I drop 7000 songs in my Winamp playlist, hit shuffle, turn this thing on, put my wireless speakers in my back yard, fire up the grill, the bong, and just chill out for a few days of hands-free mixing.


Will not download - December 19, 2010 by Ronald Corum

I remember this used to be a built-in feature of winamp a long time ago. Plugin works well and does exactly what I want. Cross-fade at end of track. - November 19, 2010 by Strallas

Nice plug-in but... - From time to time during playing music this plug-in opens authors donate page in my Internet browser without permission. Is this adware??? - May 3, 2008 by Nikola Dj

Easiest - Finally, ive found an easy plug-in to crossfade the tracks.Congratulations for the good job Frankel.I recommend to the users. - January 27, 2008 by cleres souza

Exactly What I Wanted - Nice plug-in Justin - you're aware of the little bugs, and they're not a big deal - I've used other crossfade programs and they all freeze up the video momentarily during the fade. FYI, I use Volume Logic on the output, and in order to run your plug-in and VL, I had to make VL the actual output, and make the crossfading output the output of VL (did that make sense?) - September 3, 2007 by Jim Kuzman

It's still experimental... - It does technically do what it says, but I had to remove it because it would cause Winamp to hang during exit and I would have to force Winamp to quit. After a couple of hours of play, The number diplay would actually start to count UP instead of counting down when playing my mp3 library. I will use this plugin once there is a final version that's not so buggy.... - July 16, 2007 by Jason Snow

Great crossfade ability - for an experimental plug in, this thing is the bomb. it actually crossfades the tracks using only a single instance of Winamp. the display goes a littl spooky when it does it, but that is a very minor thing for me. - June 16, 2007 by andrew gilbert

Installer Broken - The installer tries to write the files to "c:\Program Files\\Winamp" and failes with a message that it cannot write to this file. - August 26, 2006 by Majik Fox

Intelligent design meant for the common user - This is a great crossfading program for the user who wants to easily remove "blips. skips and stoppages" between tracks in winamp. Much easier to understand and use than the other more downloaded plug-ins. - May 30, 2005 by origen franko

it`s not good!!!! as They say:D - I don`t like it.few options only. DirectSound (Default) output plugin (configured) is much better (seeking, fade time etc.)(WA5). Best Regards! - April 8, 2005 by Tomasz __dI_o_o_lb__

IT's o.k. - Yes, this plug in works but, don't restart tracks unless you want two playing at once! - December 1, 2003 by Alex Livington

Winamp The Best!!! - This plugin is the best in it category!! Congratulations to Justin!! I'm from Brazil!! Viva Brazil!! Bye =P - October 27, 2003 by Felipe Melo

Yep, cool! - Hmm, at start it cuts too much out of the track's end, but it can be fixed with changing the options a bit... This thing should be included with WinAmp2, too! - May 21, 2003 by Sweet-O Dude

It's the best plug-in - Just try it, it's a MUST! - July 9, 2002 by Kakos Lykos

simple & USEFULL - what can i say???????? if u and your friends love 2 make parties (as me) u must have this one.... read the txt file, it will help u! i truly enjoy this plug-in.... ;-)))))) - May 21, 2002 by Zozo Batata

KICKS A$$ - i love for the music to keep on rollin w/o stops or gaps this the only plugin not to require multiple instances that i know of cant wait for next ver if there will be :) - May 4, 2002 by Selyb Mit

Time to throw away the old DJ Mixer (maybe...) - Truly, this is an awesome plug-in!!.....Already, I have tried 'trimming' all of the MP3s in my collection with the "mp3Trim" freeware program. Even after I did that, the 'stop-and-start' and silent gaps in the MP3s, when played in WinAmp, remained. I installed the Cross Fading output plug-in, and my problems were solved. Now I can listen to my MP3s back-to-back and continously on my PC without any silent breaks in between tracks. The quality of the crossfades are smooth and accurate - almost as good as if I were spinnin' records at a night club!! If you're looking for a good crossfading plug-in for WinAmp, this is the one for you! The other crossfading plug-ins on this site that I tried all performed the crossfade too early, cutting off parts from the end of tracks. 'Nuff said...this plug-in is TIGHT!!!! - March 23, 2002 by Erik Hitt

Problem - Have been using this for quite sometime now and noticed a little problem with this. When you play mp3's through winamp when one song is fading to the next or if you click to go to the next track it moves your wave out balance on your volume control to one side and you have to move it back to the center. Has anyone else had this problem? - March 3, 2002 by Chris Clark

Really simple and it works! - This plug-in really works! It's much easier to use tha two winamps at the same time. This one is really good for playing music for many hours.. - February 17, 2002 by Risto Majuri

Justin's THE MAN! - I've been using this plug-in daily for a long time (a year or so) and it has performed flawlessly. It doesn't gobble up a lot of resources and does exactly what it's supposed to. It's great; thanks Justin! - February 5, 2002 by rich thomason

Huge DJ Help - I use this plug-in while DJing dances and parties all the time. Its a convenient crossfader that lets me step away from the music for a moment if I need to. There are some quirks with the software, but nothing to difficult to overcome. I bit easier then having two or three instances of WinAmp open. A nice addition for basic DJing when turntables and other equip is not necessary - January 10, 2002 by Jonathan Blundell

Justin Frankel Has A Life! - Wow! This thing is great! Even if my own crossfader is broken in my parties, I still have this! It's so simple! Thanks Justin! I like your AVS's too. - January 3, 2002 by Fareed Ahmed

A must have! - Great plugin for chilling out! - December 31, 2001 by Walter Hop

Preety Good - Only thing it's when u pause song in time u would like to start playing it this plug-in dosn't start it But it's really good when you live it to play by it own. :)) - December 26, 2001 by Jerzy Degles

Good Job - Thats a good job well done. Good on you man. - December 23, 2001 by Kenny Gibson

no no no - This s**t is not working there are much beter plugs than this!!! - December 20, 2001 by Nerijus Daunaravicius

Xfader ! - This is great for those parties of costant rocks ! - December 4, 2001 by Stewart Dennis

It's Cool - It's Cool!!!!!!! Just like Winamp 3 - November 25, 2001 by D M

For those of you who listen to music over and over... - I love the fading, makes the flow of music better. Well done Justin!!! ? - November 22, 2001 by Jack Novak

a dream has come true - wow! That's the plug-in I was ever looking for, it is like a dream has come true, cause that way all my songs got a new exciting touch. I just cant believe that! - November 21, 2001 by max blendinger

Wow! - I think this is a great idea! Really Kool!!! - November 15, 2001 by Geremy Schlessinngeer

w00t - Lite the bong, Use the best MP3 playa available, Eat some steak, Kick it! Niiiiiiiiiiice - November 8, 2001 by Dan Wold

along with everyone else - Sweet sweet idea, great for the parties, one of the coolest ideas i have herd since games came out for winamp. Winamp is all i use for music and this makes it 300 times easier to play music for groups. lates - MAXIMO - November 7, 2001 by Max G

Crossfade-a-rama - very usefull as long as you don't long to hear the end of that last track in the playlist. Like it! Use it! Hey i'm downloading it again just for the hell of it! - November 7, 2001 by Matt Ellis

sh!ttest - you gotta wait for it to make another copy of the song and some of my songs are 47min longs (remixes) plus i dont like the idea of havin double the meg for just 1 song, and i had no idea how to uninstall i did delete the files - November 7, 2001 by Garlonuss Karlovon

ya - r3tln4opug - October 30, 2001 by joaquin otero

Musician, DJ & Club Owner - This tiny litle ridiculously easy to install plugin is just a great miracle worker. When I knew that my main DJ was leaving I Started to look for another option than hiring another one. All I did was use my older Computer, Converted a lot of my CDs into MP3 And your Little Plugin just did a Great Job. I tried some other dedicated DJ Programs but the simlicity & the performance of your little (Giant) plugin beats them all. Hope to see some improvement like beat to beat mixing & auto level control so I don't get surprises like blasting levels over different MP3s Continue your great work Daniel Lezmy - October 24, 2001 by Daniel Lezmy

Yeah! - This should be included with Winamp. This is hella sweet. No more gaps. Just smooth fade out of song, and fade in of the other... - October 19, 2001 by Steven Woolard

Awsome - Finally I can listen to PinkFloyd The Wall without the skips. This is Awsome. - October 19, 2001 by James Thompson

He.. He.. - Neat if you dont have Winamp3. When the final comes out, there will be no need for this. - October 19, 2001 by Davy NO

Mr Mac - Pleas give this to me! I?m a Mac user!!! - October 17, 2001 by Rebecca Hoffman

CrossFading is the sh!t - THE GOOD: My winamp makes a soft crackling sound between songs, and now with crossfading that doesn't happen. THE BAD: When you hit stop, it keeps going for a few seconds and then abruptly stops. Then when you go to play another song, it crossfades a small chuck of the last song with the new one, and it's all kinda weird IT SHOULD: fade the song out when you hit stop, and fade the new song in when you click play. Thanks, -mike - October 17, 2001 by Mike Schenck

Finally!! - As an internet DJ, this plug-in allows me to enhance my listener's experience without pausing between song changes. - October 16, 2001 by Jeremiah Bucholz

Why don't? - Why can't you use this program. This Program is getting Winamp a new XP. If you are 2 some party, its so good that some peoble things you are a DJ. So if you want 2 be a DJ without you are one..... DOWNLOAD IT NOW - PLEASE. - October 16, 2001 by David Meincke

Awesome, Just One Thing Missing - It would be cool if you could give this plugin an out to disk feature so you can make one huge wav file that never stops so you can burn it.And also if you could control both when the next song starts fading and when the last song fades out. Plus the option to not fade at all and just hop songs with same volume settings.But definetly the coolest if you could add those. - October 15, 2001 by Dave Bergschneider

Good Idea - A Great idea and Justin has pulled it off really well. If the length of the crossfade could be altered it would be even better. Justin if you design one with a variable crossfade time could you let me know. Cheers. - October 15, 2001 by chris jones

MAWFAUKIN SWEET - this thing is the sweetest crossfader i have ever downloaded, it perfectly mixes my songs in my list no matter what music genre it is. mix this with the R2 visual and its one hell of a trip when i'm bakin. - October 14, 2001 by wesley roberts

This ones nice.... - This has some excellent effects and features. Great if your just sitting around for awhile, but if you're cruisin' through your winamp list pretty quick, its a pain to switch songs manually without waiting until it ends. Also, if you have a slower computer, it can cause some trouble. - October 13, 2001 by tha bulldog

wank - a compleat load of wank - October 11, 2001 by craig grafton

Wow - I spent 40 !@#$ bucks on Real Jukebox Plus JUST to get the crossfader functionality for parties and it never ^%#$#@ worked right. WinAmp does it again for free. Oh and... well you already know... when you get a chance... can you make the times adjustable? Ok I'll go enjoy my new cross-fader that really works now. Thank you Justin! - October 10, 2001 by Shem Sargent

It's fading-time! - I am a real dj, and I want to crossfade with my computer. However, I don't want to crossfade myself everytime. Crossfading output does it for me !!! - October 10, 2001 by Lauri Haga

Awesome - What else can be said but perfect? Nothing! - October 5, 2001 by Brady Lowe

??? - Hmm... - October 2, 2001 by Pede Erichsen

just x-fadin - i wonder how some could not get it running. well its not ment to mix classic music. thing its just mixing by x-fading, anyway ;)... - October 2, 2001 by Moogra Nator

The coolest Plug ever..... - Just like I say...VERY COOL THING!!! Lay back an enjoy your facorit music! - September 30, 2001 by Alice D

There is a better crossfading plugin - SqrSoft? Advanced Crossfading v1.72 is a hell of a lot better than this crap. "Crossfading Output" is not worth the download. - September 27, 2001 by none none

OK, I rescind my statement.. - it's ok, but I tried it against the SqrSoft? Advanced Crossfading v1.72. It actually mixes, no beat matching..but> who wants 120 against a 160 DnB - September 25, 2001 by sir vipe

not bad - This plugin is ok. No disrespect to the guy that wrote this but don't expect any form of beat-matching with this plug-in. It seems to just fade the volume up and down between songs. There will always be a need for human DJ's ;-) - September 24, 2001 by Stephen Duffy

Justin=Ultimate... - It'z so good I just don't know what to say... It'z been my fav. plug-in since I d/led it, I CAN'T PLAY MY SONGZ WITHOUT IT!!! If only I could change from 3s to 5s... - September 23, 2001 by Trunkz San

nice - very nice done, sounds good, but dj's, don't be afraid - September 21, 2001 by Sky Light

Some great stuff out here - Really good program, I had a party last time and I turned this thing on and my friends almost thought it was one song! GREAT PROGRAM - September 21, 2001 by Sebastiaan van de Kamp

please list instructions - could not get it to work? - September 19, 2001 by Leo Frisco Frisco

Way Kewl!! - I loved it. Nice and simple to use. Good work. - September 18, 2001 by Ozz Gould

Kicks Ass - Definently a good tool - September 17, 2001 by Justin Roze

Let me get it going first b4 i have comments - basically if someone can show me to get it runnin it would be kool...otherwise im gonna have to give it a "N/A Mark" - September 15, 2001 by diego lara

Master Toolz - Really very good! No more gaps, no more shity breaks. Justin. We love you (and of course we love your plugin more) - September 12, 2001 by Stef van Grieken

Damn Nice Plugin! - REAL nice!!!!!!!!!! 10 STARS - September 11, 2001 by op12 S

beat matching? - make a feature that remembers the bpm on the you configure it by tapping the space bar to the beat and it remembers what song goes how fast and it gets a party goin.... - September 7, 2001 by Tai Chow Sing

Very Nice - I just happened to stumble upon this one, but it's a keeper!! - September 6, 2001 by Poria Asaad

Love It - Love this plugin! One of my biggest peeves with listening to MP3s was the gap in between songs! Problem solved! Thanks! - September 5, 2001 by Dana Lynn

nice timing! - good change song! this is nice plugin! - September 5, 2001 by carbon men

Cool - Great plugin. But should be configurable. - September 4, 2001 by Joseph Fowler

Pregasen - This plug-in is great! However, it should be made to work with the "wma" format as well! - September 3, 2001 by Pregasen Naidu

Very good... - The crossfader is very good. But i think it would be better with a crossfading-length setting! - August 31, 2001 by Martin Noll

Off Da Hook!!! - This plug-in is OFF DA HOOK! I went to see one of my friends, and we hooked up my winamp equipped laptop to his stereo system, as I have something like 700 mp3's. Everyone that came to the party thought there was a dj somewhere. When we showed them that my winamp equipped laptop was doing all the mixing, one guy there said, and I quote: "How much did that program cost? It's gotta be like $500 right? Adobe Photoshop is like $500, and that media player is on par with that software. Where'd you get it?! Does it cost as much as unReal Player?" My reply: "Dude. .! It doesn't do that on it's own. This awesome programmer named Justin created a plug-in to make it do that. Go download it now, before they start charging people for their awesome media player. It's gotta be like the most downloaded media player in the world. unReal Player doesn't even compare!" Enuff said. And the plug-in. . .It blew me away. . . - August 31, 2001 by Eric Gillette

YES! - Finaly a crossfader plugin that works and sounds good! its great! - August 29, 2001 by Ben Mason

The Best - this is the best plugin ever - August 29, 2001 by ???? ???????

Great Job as always - We love you Justin, oh yes we dooooooooooo - August 20, 2001 by Sam Rare

KNOCKED my ASS outta tha chair!!!! - BADASSSSSSSS! That's all I can say!!!! Again: BADASSSSSSSSSSSS! Yeah!!!! I love it! Music and MP3s kick ass again!!!!! I don't care if it's not a pro DJ mixer, I'm not a pro DJ!!! I'm a home user and it makes everything fit! YES!!!!!!!!!! - August 5, 2001 by Zane Richardson

Useful Plugin - Useful Plugin expecially if you want to hear a music without an idle time - July 29, 2001 by Pangeran 22

no substitute for the real thing - it's ok, but certainly no substitute for a proper dj mixing tracks together - July 20, 2001 by Disco Stu

change my's mp3 life - it let me fall to the other mp3 world ,let me enjoy listen mp3 - July 8, 2001 by jackhen boon

DUDE!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I've been up looking for plugins for the past 4 hours (it is 3:00AM) AND THIS JUSTIFIES IT ALL! MAN, YOU ROCK!!!!!!! - July 6, 2001 by Aalam son of Glenn

best plug-in! - this is the best plug-in i've ever seen/heard. essential for every home dj or mp3 fan - June 24, 2001 by Kitta Thomasbaum

Awesome Plugin - It works great. Nice and smooth... A tip for you broadband people out there: Drop your prebuffer and buffer underrun to 10 percent, and bring up your total buffer (for ALL streaming input plugins.) Set like that, there's no delay, even between streaming songs! Thanks, Justin, gor a great plugin. - June 13, 2001 by Steven Robertson

Fantastic.....great over 150 000 can't be wrong - If tracks cutting out is giving you the willies, this tool is for you. GET IT! - June 13, 2001 by Steve Mac

? - Dont get it - June 9, 2001 by slusken slusken

:-) - Simple nice and clear. - May 20, 2001 by Reinier Hoedemaker

i love you, justin - will you bear my children? - May 6, 2001 by philihp b

This program was mentioned by a collegae - This program is very easy to use. No more listening to the records you'd pressed wrong. But a nice fade i give it 10 stars if possible - April 7, 2001 by christian rappa

Excellent - I REALLY REALLY like this plug-in... its simple, functional, and no hassle to use. I had been using it since October 2000, but then lost it through a reformat.... and i just COULDN'T live without it. So I got it back, and SWEET!!! - March 29, 2001 by NEil Bradley