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CrazyBeavers Winamp Controller

Windows deskband utility to control Winamp.

Windows deskband utility to control Winamp.

This is a simple windows deskband utility to control Winamp. It can jump to the previous/next song, pause, play, raise/lower volume and even start Winamp for you.

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January 27, 2005 by KarlJohan Sjogren29631 downloads

CrazyBeavers Winamp Controller - Windows deskband utility to control Winamp.

Staff review

Simple taskbar controller for Winamp

Straightforward plugin that gives you toolbar functionality for Winamp's basic controls in Windows' taskbar.


Doesn't work - I tried it on "Winamp 5.1" , and it didn't do anything . Also it seemed like my "AVS" Visualization plugin started wanting to crash , in fullscreen when I had this plugin installed . - September 11, 2005 by fred falcon

Nice work! - That's EXACTLY the kind of plugin that I want! (and first I try)! There is a lot of work behind this and congrats to the author. Suggestion for improvements (some call taht constructive feedback!); *) The 'CrazyBeavers Winamp Controler" label should be removable - com'on dude! *) the layout should be skinable (it's not going to stay on my machine because it looks ... somehow... different!) *) the positioning should also be customizable (it actually tops off the TOP of the taskbar, which is wrong - should be centered! or "middled" between en top and bottom of tbar!! *) Tooltips should be used, Prev - Play - Stop - Next ARE obvious, but what are the green and red signs on the right, ... they have no actions on my system!! *) in winamp, press Pause, then Play, it plays... in the controler when you press pause, you need to press pause again to continue listening... which I believe is undesirable. *) the controls (play, stop, ...) are so small, that hand or pointer cursor should be used (with tooltips) to let the user know what s/he's about to click!! ;) Hope that helps! Cheers! - February 1, 2005 by Sebastian T