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Cool Playlist

Ver 1.5

Ver 1.5

Hi,my dear friend,a fascinating plug-in for WINAMP/mp3 was located by me recently. With it you can get lots of functions which you are earnestly longing for. Enjoy mp3 music from computers in the LAN. Manage a songs library. Classify the music files according to the mp3tag types. Show a hiberarchy list of songs. Rename and Update mp3tag with your favoriator type Chat with your friends. etc. It's so wanderful! Try it? Download it now!

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July 10, 2002 by Theday theday7683 downloads

Cool Playlist - Ver 1.5

Staff review

Versatile playlist plugin

This has a good many features that allow you to play, manage, and search for mp3 files. You can also play files over a LAN. Certain features are failry straightforward to set up and use, however, it would be nice to have a better readme/help file to explain some of the other features.


nice plugin, but buggy - i had lots of albums in my pc, the basic playlist window is just to small, si i wanted something that can fold and unfold the directories. i begun searching and found this plugin. it's not exactly what i wanted, but some features are even more than i needed. but i have some problems with it. bugs started to appear after i was working with it. when i started search network for mp3's suddenly my network disks got disconnected. or miranda froze, im getting some access error to some dll in the plugins directory. also cant save the playlist, have to seatch always again to be able to sort it. uninstalling was easy - i just deteled the new files in the winamp/plugins directory. this would be a very handy plugin were there no bugs. i cant use it although i need exacly something like this. - May 7, 2007 by loomy mysh

No uninstall info - When I first downloaded this plug in, it was more to experiment with it rather than having an actual need for it. Now that I am done playing around, I realize that it is not something I want. It does have neat search features, tagging editing abilities...but I have to give it no stars for the following reasons ..severe lack of options as far as performance (loads with winamp, when you try and exit the plug in it shuts winamp with it) ..lack of documentation in the install package and online (no support info anywhere, and what I did find online was in Chinese), uninstall how to or file. I cannot find it on my program list, it?s not listed by name on the winamp plug in list, and I do not know which files belong to this piece of software in the plug in directory. Help. - February 25, 2005 by J3551C4 C