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With Custom Hotkeys

Ultimate Control Over Music

A cool utility not just to control Winamp but also provides a Top Left Menu that has All your Favourite Playlists and Songs in them, Favourite Folder and Songs in them, Current Winamp Playlist, Current CD and Songs in it.

Also the Ability to Control Winamp through USER CONFIGURABLE Keyboard, Mouse or Joystick Hotkeys.

A simple replacement for Winamp Window

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November 4, 2004 by CompuBoy R27329 downloads

ControlAmp - With Custom Hotkeys - Ultimate Control Over Music

Staff review

Very functional and convenient tool

ControlAmp is a full featured plugin that provides tons of functionality. Includes a convenient mouseover menu, popup notifications, and configurable hotkeys.


Awesome! - exactly what i needed! an app that would work while winamp was minimized . Great for gaming. I use it all the Time wen i play maplestory lols :] - May 18, 2008 by jonny tan

Awesome! - This has become a necessity for me now. Because I just have a standard keyboard, I don't have any special keys to change songs, this is awesome while doing something in full screen. The only one down side to it I've found is the mouse controls don't have enough options. Being able to use mouse 4/5 would be great! - April 26, 2007 by Ben Houlton

Small Power App - The perfect tool for everyone who USES the keyboard. :) - February 28, 2006 by titan Typhon

excellent matter - This software is very exciting thing which is very is simple to install and easy to work. excellent work plz continue to prove your excellency. - November 18, 2004 by nikhil jain

Great Man!! - Oh! that is absolutely brilliant!! This is someting I was looking for and am really thankful to compuboy for fulfilling my wish. Hope, that he will make more such plugins. Way to go man!!!! - November 5, 2004 by Mayank Goel