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COMon Winamp

New configuration dialog, extra control functions, extra options.

New configuration dialog, extra control functions, extra options.

Version 0.2(beta)COM'on Winamp is an application which allows you to use one ore more simple, self-made buttonpads attached to the COM port(s) of your computer to control Winamp. The new manual is not yet finished, so v0.1 is included. It describes how to make such a buttonpad, and how to configure the (v0.1) application. Works in any 32bit Windows environment.

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April 25, 2002 by Adriaan van Lent10195 downloads

COMon Winamp - New configuration dialog, extra control functions, extra options.

Staff review

Very complete remote control plugin for Winamp

This plugin has a very extensive configuration setup that allows you to control Winamp from an external button device attached to the COM port(s).


Good work! - I tried many other applications for the serial port, but this one really works perfect! I made a nice control panel with status LED's for each button (signals while button is pressed), including the 'main' status LED, which is very helpfull during Quake etc. Even while my infrared reciever is connected to COM1 with another Winamp plugin [Winlirc that is], the ComonWA works perfectly (ofcours on COM2)! The following things would make this plugin even better in my oppinion: - It would be cool if Comon gave another signal through the statusLED when the min-/maximum volume is reached. - There should be a buttonchoice for in-/decrease volume by 5% instead of 1%, just because of the amount of time that you need to adjust the volume. (Could be another frag in the meantime ;)) Thanks again for this cool plugin!!! - September 2, 2002 by piet potlood

This is great. - I spent money on building a proper box fro this thing and it works great, I have now made a second one for my living room, picture's can bee seen at the following site. Waiting for the next version, oh and I wan't the source code =P - January 21, 2002 by Christian Piper

hmmm - similar to the joystick controllers, less controled options - September 30, 2001 by S T