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COM-port Winamp Control v142

Use 4 or 15 external buttons connected to COM port to control not only Winamp.

Use 4 or 15 external buttons connected to COM port to control not only Winamp.

Connect 4 or 15 buttons to a COM port and use them to control Winamp, adjust volume, simulate keyboard, start programs. The plugin is very customizeable and easy to set up. 2 COM ports simultaneously, 3 functions per button, 54 Winamp and Windows functions, different button modes, LED indicator, high compatibility and many many other features make it one of the best external buttons plugin. It makes Winamp even more accessible and convenient music player in any situation. For more information visit

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February 16, 2003 by Dmitry Maximov107441 downloads

COM-port Winamp Control v142 - Use 4 or 15 external buttons connected to COM port to control not only Winamp.

Staff review

Very complete external button controller

This plug-in allows for you to set up 8 external buttons to control 16 Winamp functions (2 per button)... each function can be accessed by different methods as well (single click/double click, etc.). Very complete configuration and option menu... covers a large amount of Winamp functions. Overall, this is a well thought out and designed plug-in.


Very Very Cool!!! - This gadget is really cool and very useful. All it takes are basic tools and a little knowledge in electronics and you have yourself a Winamp remote control. - April 15, 2003 by Your Mama

BEST PLUG-IN, EVER!!!! - This plug-in is so cool. I've already started on building my third controller!!!! I use it all time. Perfect when having parties or playing computer games. The controller is very cheap and easy to make. You only need about 10$ and a basic knowlegde of electronics. - February 24, 2003 by Helge Larsen

Exceptional Plug-in!! - When I saw the plug-in and it's possibilities I immediatly fell in love. I went to the electronics shop and built a 8 button remote controller the same day, and it works beautifully!! Thnx mate! - July 3, 2002 by Dennis Betten

Just...mmm...Awesome!!! - Just try it. It's too easy to make. And it really works!!!. You can use double clicks on 2 shifts, and you'll get 16 buttons (with only 4). Got to try it. - June 1, 2002 by Fabian Alvarez

It looks okay... - Now I just have to scrape up some pieces to make a controller. If I don't have any, I'll kill my TV for buttons. Cheap piece of junk with the warning label on the INSIDE of the casing. :P - March 22, 2002 by Chris Reed

Yeah !!! - One option is missing to this soft to be be the greatest Winamp remote through the com port : the utilisation of one or two buttons to change the actions of the others (see the plug'in nammed 'COM Control) - March 13, 2002 by LECLERCQ Aur�lien

LEDs are my friend - I've seen this plug-in before, but never had the hardware for it. Today I spent barely over $10 at RadioShack, and now I have an external WinAmp controller with little LEDs and push switches :) Kick-ass. - February 10, 2002 by Ben Hendel-Doying

Good.... - I make control pad for com-port remote controlor It's vrey well working. Visit this site : - February 8, 2002 by jang hoon

This is what i needed !! - Its very good !! nah its exelent !! i made a control pad on school... and pluged in.. started up the software... and its bloody works... now i can use winamp from my bed :D - February 1, 2002 by Glenn Hendriks

4.5 Stars, but they don't have that... - This is a very interesting plugin. Useful and it gives my com port something to do since it is never used anymore... :) - January 31, 2002 by Paul Haskew