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COM-port Winamp Control v141

Use 4 or 15 external buttons connected to COM port to control not only Winamp.

Use 4 or 15 external buttons connected to COM port to control not only Winamp.

Connect 4 or 15 buttons to a COM port and use them to control Winamp, adjust volume, simulate keyboard, start programs. The plugin is very customizeable and easy to set up. 2 COM ports simultaneously, 3 functions per button, 54 Winamp and Windows functions, different button modes, LED indicator, high compatibility and many many other features make it one of the best external buttons plugin. It makes Winamp even more accessible and convenient music player in any situation. For more information visit

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May 1, 2002 by Dmitry Maximov28261 downloads

COM-port Winamp Control v141 - Use 4 or 15 external buttons connected to COM port to control not only Winamp.

Staff review

Very complete external button controller

This plugin allows for you to control Winamp by using up to 4 external buttons or switches connected to a serial port. Very customizable... you can pretty much assign any Winamp function to the external buttons. Nice interface allows for smooth configuring.


Effective, Simple - Well, 4.5 stars, maybe... the problem may be in the rest of the computer. Only problem I have is there comes up a conflict, and COMctrl looses which port it's supposed to be looking at. Easily resolved, just a minor annoyance. - November 29, 2006 by Tom Spencer

SUPER - ESTA CACHONDO EL PROGRAMA - October 27, 2006 by Javier Garcia

awesome - This plugin is really awesome, i have an extensive extnesive mp3 cllection so while i am wokring i use this plugin so i don't have to get off ym fat ass to change the song, only problem i ahve encountered is i cna't get the LEDs to work right but i am sure thats my fault *congrats to teh programmer* - May 10, 2005 by Lucas Roberts

Definatly the easiast and powerful external winamp controller - Ive been using this plugin for over a year now and I still find it the best and easist controller available. The setup is easy with heaps of room for expansion. Im running a 10m cable and two com ports with no problems. Its fuggin perfect! Thanks for the awesome work! - Pyrocam - October 31, 2003 by pyrocamnz z

Less then an hour! - From downloading the plugin, driving to the electronics store, building box, to working... 1 hour! Great job, and Thanks! - April 24, 2003 by robb leece

Perfect In Every Way. - Ingenious, ripped open a Sega Genesis controller that was takin up space, resoldered the internals, added an LED, and ran a 2nd cord to Com2, now i have 2 4-button COMtroller pads built into 1 Sega Controller! Does Everything i want it to do, and it even allows you to perform keyboard functions with it, so i can use it as an actual game pad also! Congrats to Dmitry Maximov for this one. It has alot more potential then just for Winamp. - January 8, 2003 by Phlux Phlux

This thing ROCKS! - Very impressed. :) When I saw this, it occurred to me that I have a couple old Atari Controllers around, so I could use one of those. It took me about 5 minutes to do this, and I love it. :) If you want to see how to do it, go to Thanks Dmitry!! - July 4, 2002 by Paul V

I Know This Program And... - You reviewers Are ALL Wrong. You can use 2 comm ports at the same time as well as have 15 buttons. Thats righ 15, on EACH com port giving 30 winamp buttons! THATS WHY I LOVE THIS! - June 23, 2002 by David Mackenzie

Beton !!! - Si cum s-ar zice : Very COOL !!! - November 12, 2001 by Io Ala Rau

very cool plug-in! - really good program - October 5, 2001 by Roman V.