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ClassicPro v2.00 beta

Plug-in that enables you to use a new type of skin in Winamp.

Plug-in that enables you to use a new type of skin in Winamp.

ClassicPro is a plugin for Winamp that will allow you to use a new type of skin in Winamp Media Player. ClassicPro skins use an advanced single-user-interface which is really easy to use. The great thing is cPro appeals both to the advanced Winamp user and the minimalistic user who would for example just want to use the playlist. This means ClassicPro will probably fit you like a glove no matter who you are! If you are used to a classic Winamp skin and didn't want to switch to the modern skins of the past then we urge you to give this a test drive since this skin type was designed especially for the old school user who might need a minimalistic approach to their favourite media player.

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March 15, 2009 by Skin Consortium310768 downloads

ClassicPro v2.00 beta - Plug-in that enables you to use a new type of skin in Winamp.

Staff review

A whole new way of making a modern skin.

With ClassicPro 2.0 Skin Consortium sets another milestone. Check out their site for more details on changes in 2.0 compared to the 1.x support. Keep up the good work!


AWESOME - I WANT [2] - December 28, 2010 by Rafael Santana

Stay away from this!!! - Repeated script errors,crashed Winamp, had to reinstall and lost numerous complex settings and bookmarks. This has no business being available.... - August 15, 2009 by Alan Dumoff

AWESOME - I WANT - July 31, 2009 by gwinbwilesjr

Excellent Skinning Engine! - It really makes the process of making SUI skins so easy. Thanks so much for the work in creating cPro 1.1, the improvements over the previous release are really useful! - May 30, 2009 by Mike Winston

Skin maker? - When I read about this plug-in I thought it was software that actually made the skins for you, once you had all the components ready. After downloading it, I realized it just helps with making graphics for modern skins. You still have to put everything together yourself. Is there ANY software that will compile everything for me? This has been a very frustrating search. Thanks,[email protected] - April 6, 2009 by Richard Longjohnson

Beautiful & Functional - Amazing looking theme. I especially like having the song-ticker at the bottom...since its extended it allows for better control. Also having a mini view screen on the side which can be adjusted for both height & width is nice (couldnt do that in the default Bento Theme). All in all a gr8 theme. Thank u. - September 25, 2008 by drmnys x