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Center of management Winamp

Center of management Winamp

Center of management Winamp

Hotkey plugin and files utilities.

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February 14, 2002 by Denis Vasilyev9304 downloads

Center of management Winamp - Center of management Winamp

Staff review

Useful hotkey plugin

A good amount of configuration for this one... allows you to assign your own keys and key combos for a good many Winamp functions. Just remember to keep your new key combo held down until the timer runs out for it to set. (that will make more sense when you are setting up the plug-in).


AWSOME - this thing as absolutely awsome....thanks a bunch to the creator/inventor type guy. only little problem (problably due to my computer illiteracy) but is there a possible option for loading a playlist?? - July 26, 2002 by Tim Frommmer

Best. Plugin. Ever. - I'm absolutely in love with this plugin. It's revolutionized my winamp. I even made labels to go on my keyboard for all the hotkeys I set up. This is exactly what I was looking for. It's perfect. The author has done and extraordinary job on this, and I greatly appreciate the work that was put into it. FANTASTIC JOB. Keep up the good work. - July 23, 2002 by Adam Sliger

WOW! - It's perfect. the interface is not wonderful, but it works exactly like i want it to and the little part where it writes the names of the songs is GREAT. It took control over my Dell laptop keys perfectly. I love it. - May 13, 2002 by Scott Swanson