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Instant conversion of .cda into .wav

Instant conversion of .cda into .wav

A small .vxd replacement for Win 9X that help you use Plug-Ins to create .mp3 easier direct from a music CD viewed in Windows filemanager. For info see

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March 6, 2001 by Johan Ryd�n51827 downloads

cda2wav - Instant conversion of .cda into .wav

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CD -> MP3!

Lets you read wav files directly from CDs! By extension, you can convert them to MP3 using it in unison with Nullsoft's MP3 Output Plug-in.


Hoodwink - This program is indeed a tricky one. It deletes your origninal cdfs.vxd file without backing it up, so that when you try and uninstall this plug (which really isn't a plug, or .dll file, at all) it remains on your system and can be an ordeal to fix (see the winamp forums for help). If you desire the effects of this plugin (without having to download this "uninstallable", you can easilly do a search on google for "alternate cdfs.vxd" and you'll see many sites that offer an alternate cdfs.vxd file (along with installation/uninstallation directions) which accomplishes the same thing as this plug. A "currently" existing site that offers it is: I give it a star cause it is DEFINITELY an easy and small way to "rip" tracks off of CD's. Plus, I've a theory that you can probably salvage tracks (as wav's) off of severely scratched cd's with the "alternate cdfs.vxd" file. I wouldn't have minded this plug at all except that your playlist can get cluttered with up to 140 duplicate entries (it counts all the wav's in all formats) and tends to bog down having to read so much track info off of a cd at once (player skips, etc). Has anybody been able to use this plug (or an "alternate cdfs.vxd") without seeing all the duplicate entries in their playlist? If so, leave a message here or on the forums so the rest of us can figure out how. Laters. - March 20, 2003 by Ranger Lacy

cda2wav is NOT what it seems - All I wanted was to see what "cda" had to offer, that I didn't already have with Winamp... :o( BIG MISTAKE! I am now going to try Scott's fix before I write a letter to Winamp suggesting that more information is a "MUST" before someone hands something out from their site which is is NOT an innocent, or easily repaired, plug-in! More information posted WITH the download would have saved me (and others, I suspect) hours of frustration trying to undo the havoc this "plugin" created in my whole system. - July 2, 2002 by Carol Thompson

good - i'll mail detail's after using it! - May 23, 2002 by viji canda

Recovering from this monster - This is NOT a win amp plug in . It rewrites your cdfs.vxd (cd-rom driver )To return to normal, put in your win9x cd and then find files in the cd drive , look for cdfs.vxd and copy over the existing (ruined)cdfs.vxd The worst thing is, NOWHERE was there a warning to rename the old driver ( to cdfs.old or something) in order to have the ability to undo the process.This so called plugin does not belong here with so little info. - March 7, 2002 by Scott Hertenstein

HELP - can someone tell me how the hell do i uninstall this plugin?? - July 23, 2001 by lorenzo franchi

Easy way to rip CD audio - I tested this quickly on one of my CD's using this and a WinAmp plug-in to write .mp3 files from .wavs...(for my brand-new portable MP3 CD player!) I made a low-quality rip to get a general idea of whether I was gonna dig it or not...totally did. Easy to use, quality's decent. I'd definitely recommend this as a fast qork-around to ripping your own audio CD's! - July 18, 2001 by Shannon Kiley

This plug in has been around for ages - I found this Plug-in on the MS-Webpage some time back (very hard to find and still is now!) I dont recomend this Windows Plug-in for Slow PC users I find it a cool Plug in for Winamp as I can use the DSP Effects - However You can also open the waves up in Goldwave and Export MP3s Faster (Nice fast PC) I did Find out what was makeing the Message "error ask thread to die" Its something in the Winamp Wave play back Plug-in, Badly writen and does not auto dump the Data before hand from the old wave file which you was playing and some of the data remains active in the buffer of winamp and Fights with the new data of the new wave file. Quick fix: Stop the old Wave frist before Loading a new one into Winamp or let it Play out. I did find one Good use for this plug-in with Goldwave Recovering very badly scrached CDs which never plays in Normal CD Mode (very Time consumeing but worth the wait) -Min PC:- PII - 350 with 64MB of RAM and a 24X CD Drive which can Rip Audio CDs at 8X and has a 2MB or more Buffer on the drive (some fast CD-ROM Dives have a 2MB Buffer - ALL CD-RW Drives after 1997 Have 2MB or 4MB Buffers) - July 2, 2001 by Stewart Wood

Este plugins es una cagada - Una vez que lo instalas no se puede escuchar mas un CD de musica normalmente encima la calidad del archivo .wav es malisima salen ruidos una MIERDA no lo instales!!! no se como puta desinstalar esta Cagada no sirve para nada encima no puedo escuchar cd porque arma un kilombo cada vez que quiero escuchar y ya desinstale el Winamp 100 veces!!!! - June 25, 2001 by Dante Leguizamon

Problem with it - Mat is sorta telling the truth. U gotta go into the music CD and some folders in it. After i play them, or when i stop them or something like that, it says "error asking thread to die!" I dont know what this means, even though im really good with computers. Besides, i never asked "thread" to die, even tough now i would want "thread" to die. - June 20, 2001 by Aaron Venezia

Great!!! - Hey, don't listen to Matt. This plugin is great. You can instantly open the files in any wav editing program and edit tracks, cut sections, and it can also be used for making HIGH quality mp3's if you have the codecs. It is a real timesaver - May 19, 2001 by Brad Plunkett

Not bad at all... :) - It's great. It worked fine for problems what so ever. I only wish it would do MP3 as well as WAV files. - May 5, 2001 by Matthew Ralston

THIS PLUGIN SUCKS - do not download this plugin!! it will ruin your cd playback! when you go to play a cd it will show all the wavs that have been revealed in your file system! it totalled f***ed me over and it took me forever to find the problem! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NO. if you want to rip cd tracks, download the program Audiograbber...its much better, and doesnt mess your computer up. - April 15, 2001 by Matt Brown