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CD input plug-in changer

I was bored so I built this

I was bored so I built this

I was bored and I thought I must to do something, so I learned NSIS Script and build this little CD input plug-in changer for "Vladimir Kopjov's CD Reader input plug-in" and "Nullsoft CD/LineIn plug-in".Now it is possible to easy switch between called plug-ins which will be used by Winamp.For those who need new NSIS-ideas/examples the NSI script of this little programm is included.It is not a real plug-in and its just a plug-in renamer to enable the switch effect.

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December 18, 2002 by Borg Number_One25394 downloads

CD input plug-in changer - I was bored so I built this

Staff review

The not-a-real plug-in plug-in.

Need both mentioned plug-ins installed for it to work.


This "plugin" was THE solution ! - Hi there, This small plugin works perfectly for me ! The "standard" Winamp CD input plugin was unable to extract digital audio from my combo DVD/CDR drive on my laptop, so I was not able to send the CD music though my PCMCIA soundcard (only integrated soundcard via analog link). With CD reader plugin from Vladimir Kopjov the digital audio extraction works perfectly (thanks !) but then winamp was unable to read a CD full of mp3 ! The CD input plug-in changer solves this problem, and now I can perfectly read both audio CD and mp3 CD (it works from the first try, nothing to configure) ! - December 29, 2006 by Jo Carco

The hellllllllllllll?????????????? - How the hell are you supposed to use this thing? Forget this, I gave it a star because I felt sorry for his ................idea. - January 25, 2003 by Chris Kowalczyk