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BogProg ZeroPointer 1.4

NULL Output

NULL Output

This plug-in will allow you to bypass your soundcard. Useful for sourcing audio from Winamp on computers without Win32 soundcard support. Synchronizes playback rate to the system clock but allows you to tweak the rate if you need to. This plug-in can also be stacked in the any DSP stacker to permit a work-around with input plug-ins that don't inherently send the same amount of audio data to output plug-ins as DSP plug-ins. Also includes song transition playback tweaks for additional fine tuning (or if DSP stacking is not available.) This version fixes a crash bug in the L/R balance code handling

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December 8, 2010 by think tink3824 downloads

BogProg ZeroPointer 1.4 - NULL Output

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Null Output

This didn't cause any noticeable issues and did what it claims to do.