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BogProg X-Fade 1.3

Crossfading input

Crossfading input

THIS PLUG-IN IS ONLY FOR SHOUTCASTERS USING A NULL OUTPUT PLUG-IN!This plugin hooks all the input plug-ins to playback your audio for your SHOUTcast station. The audio files supported are only of those who's native input plug-in exports the transcoding functions. The realized net affect of this is it allows you to actually send seamlessly cross-faded music to your DSP(s) as well (including the SHOUTcast DSP) for a completely digital cross-faded transmission/cast. Note: Because of certain quirks in the system the native Equalizer functions in Winamp are disabled. More information here:

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October 25, 2011 by think tink4592 downloads

BogProg X-Fade 1.3 - Crossfading input

Staff review

Crossfading Input for SHOUTcast Broadcasts

This is an interesting approach to achieving cross-fading for SHOUTcast broadcasting (as Winamp's normal cross-fading happens via the output system). This works well when following the setup advised and this achieved a good quality output. Nicely put together.