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Bobware Stereo Delay Plugin 2.0

Quick, clean, and cool!

Quick, clean, and cool!

Add a 3D-surround sound to your audio without dragging down your CPU in the process!

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January 13, 2000 by Rob Evans254556 downloads

Bobware Stereo Delay Plugin 2.0 - Quick, clean, and cool!

Staff review

A small, efficient stereo expander

Simply works. And works well. We dig.


Should be built in! - This plugin massively improves the sound coming out of the speakers. Highly recommend. I never listen to music without it now... it makes my speakers sounds like they cost $1000 more. In fact, I'm so impressed, I created an account in just so I could leave good feedback on this. - October 5, 2007 by Peter Barney.winamp

Excellent, though missing - Excellent tool, I have a really strange speaker setup one is close to my monitor and the other is 1.5m Away I looked for something that will make the sound feel a little better.while other plugins degraded the sound quality of the music... or made it sound funny&strange... this one solved my problem**But**(and that's Y I Didn't gave 5),Only one problem though...Whay is everything for the left channel only?...If my my left speaker was the further and not the right this plugin would not help me ... - September 13, 2007 by hillel himovich

Less Is More... - The only Winamp DSP for precise stereo correction (use keyboard arrows to adjust). Listening on M$K ProLogic array. (Delay: 0.1ms; X-over: 0.5%; D. Amp: 0.7%.) Focuses drums/guitar/vocals. No quirky compression or lagging. Also use Shibatch parametric eq on SpacialAudio stacker v1.6 to compensate for spikes/rolloff and freq. specific distortion. Same setup for over a year. Nothing since has tempted me away. - May 15, 2005 by Eron Fowx

Very Nice - I like the work done here. Sure, it may be a simple operation at work here, but simplicity is bliss. Notice the plugin uses very little resources, yet does the job that many other plugins do. It is very user friendly, as you know exactly what is going on with it, and it does what it is supposed to. Finally, it is free, and that makes me happy. :D My suggestion is putting this before Enhancer and after Channel Mixer on your DSP stacker - August 26, 2004 by Silverion _

parfait - J'ai retenu ce plugin parmi d'autres DSP parce qu'il repond parfaitement a mon attente premiere : il permet sur les enregistrement mono de produire une pseudo-stereo. L'effet est egalement interessant sur les enregistrements deja stereo, et en outre, c'est facile a configurer - November 21, 2003 by Ronan Bolzer

Simple pero confiable - La verdad este plug-in es muybueno liviano y confiable pero es mejor usarlo junto con much fx y otro ensanchador de sonido para hacer enfasis en bass y treble - October 18, 2003 by carlos bonilla

Simple, but effective. - Very good plug-in. Although it might cause distortion if two of your quadraphonic set of speakers can't handle a lot of pressure. - April 16, 2003 by Ruben Stolp

One (of three) Great Plugins! - BEAUTIFUL! Last week at one haunt I wanted to upgrade the mediocre acoustics on an older 500MHz K6-2/128MB ATI fitted system. The random tempo drag was annoying so I added the NT_Pitch .dll, which worked fine. Then for 3D effect the excellent Stereo_Delay .dll was added. And to have both DSPs running simultaneously the Plugin_stacker was thrown into the mix. BOOM! Sound quality was comparable to that of a good movie theatre with either phones or speakers. Trouble is you get spoiled. While driving home I kept wondering where the tempo and latency controls were on the car CD player. - August 31, 2002 by Charles Peirce

damn this thing f#@!%'n rocks!! - This thing is the best! it works soo well i tried everything to get this quality and this is the only noe that works. i cant stess this enough. yes i can. this fuc&in rocks man!!! thanx dude who made this - July 7, 2002 by Daniel Pyne

Whooosh! - I didn't really expect much from it when I downloaded it, but as I turned it on... WOW!! This plugin is extreem..! - May 10, 2002 by Jesper Henriksen

Great - It's Small Doesn't get in the way and makes everything sound 10 times better!! - April 11, 2002 by kip kinip

Simply Good! - ?? Hey, this is a good Stereo Expander with config. options... "ESTE TAMBIEN SE VOLO LA BARDA" - April 4, 2002 by Jafo C-Null

works, but just a tapped delay. dsp 101. - Nothing innovative here. This is just a tapped delay. dsp 101. - July 4, 2001 by Erwin Lanchaster

Simple but VERY effective - Nice little plugin, adds more depth to a lot of music without too much overhead or without sounding too 'fake'. Very good. - June 9, 2001 by Tony Sander

Too simple - We already have tons of delays out there, why another one ? Be imaginative... - May 17, 2001 by Dr Blobbos

Simply great! - It really expands the sound.It just raps the sound around you,niether does it sound wierd like other,nice n natural :) - May 11, 2001 by Mike Treadwell

Fast and slick - It's of the best I've found here. You can fine-tune the way you want it: delay, crossover and gain. Eats no resources, and the soundstage is phenomenal. A must have. - May 4, 2001 by Diego Humanes

Awesome ! - Yes ! Everything sounds better ( specially low bitrate files ). All my classic rock collection sounds fresh and new. Every once in a while turn it off, just to remember how the songs sound without it :) - May 3, 2001 by guillermo etcheberry

The BEST Stereo Expander - A Great DSP plugin which really can add to your music collection. I suggest you try it out today! - April 27, 2001 by Brian Adams

And it's free!! - Great work Rob! It sounds better than DFX and it's not 19.95!! - April 22, 2001 by Randy Hohenfeldt

Excellent ! - A simple but very effective DSP! I never thought that my crappy little speakers could sound this good!! - April 11, 2001 by Dave Westerman

Kickass!! - Very effective and fast stereo expander. - April 1, 2001 by John Jackson

the most effective dsp for winamp - to my opinion- the most effective dsp for winamp, usefull to listen with speakers, especially for lo fi tracks, with headphones it u might hear some unwanted distortion, very easy to use, small download file, and completely absolutely free, like it better than other pay DSP's - March 31, 2001 by ivgeny ivgeny