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Bluetooth Remote Control

Remotely control Winamp with a mobile phone

Remotely control Winamp with a mobile phone

With this plugin you can use the accessory menus of a bluetooth mobile phone to control Winamp. It uses menus displayed on your mobile phone: you do not need to look at your computer to control it.

The plugin requires a bluetooth mobile phone that supports accessory menus (SonyEricsson T630, T610, Z600, T68, T39 or the devices supported by Veta Universal) and a bluetooth device for the computer.

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May 2, 2005 by Branimir Lambov50902 downloads

Bluetooth Remote Control - Remotely control Winamp with a mobile phone

Staff review

Winamp Bluetooth Mobile Control

There's documentation included with this when you install it. I can only assume it works since i don't have a bluetooth mobile to test it with.


Works on a T637 - It's all text based, but it does what it's supposed to. my SE T637 worked fine after a restart and plug-in configuration. - December 27, 2005 by Mark Anderson

Didn't work for SET616 - Looks like a good progarm and it was easy to install, followed the directions to a Tee... But just didn't work for my phone... a message kept poping up saying "menus not avaliable"... Guess I just have to wait for an update, but good idea none the less - October 3, 2005 by David Demian

Doesn't work - This doesn't work for me. IVT Corporation BlueSoleil and Z600. The problem is at phone end, don't worry! - September 25, 2005 by Joe Anderson

Great Plug-in for a great phone - This was exactly what I was looking for. Easy setup, just install. Great Plug-in. - July 6, 2005 by Peyton Barber

GREAT - Does what it says, nothing more, nothing less. - May 4, 2005 by Chris Westerveld