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Blade DolbyMP Encoder

Encoding Stereo to Dolby Surround ProLogic

Encoding Stereo to Dolby Surround ProLogic

DolbyMP perform realtime encoding for (L/C/R/S) Dolby Surround Prologic I/II compatible decoders.It suppress the virtual image of center input sound and redirects to others channels.Visit www.kristahl.comVisit

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March 7, 2002 by Blade Kristahl design164089 downloads

Blade DolbyMP Encoder - Encoding Stereo to Dolby Surround ProLogic

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Dolby Encoder

Realtime encoding for Dolby Surround Prologic compatible decoders. Installs ok. I personally didn't notice any change with my setup... I'm assuming because it is not compatible. If anyone encounters any bugs, please email the author.


Does this even encode? - Ok, I've been scrambling for DPLII and surround support for winamp...I honestly don't see that this even works.It seems to modify the active stream, but doesn't actually output a PL format.ALSO, if this actually worked as it says, it SHOULD require an amplifier w/ PL/PLII support.This may work as an upconvert from stereo to surround, but that seems to be all. If so, you still need a PL encoder. - March 21, 2008 by Shawn Khameneh

sweet - i have a 5.1 receiver, and finally a plugin that outputs noticable dolby (pro logic) surround to all 5 channels without any distortion. 5 stars - January 6, 2006 by Jason C

Hide the config window - To hide the config window, get CMDOW from and write two batch files as follows. Save them in the directory you have CMDOW in; i.e. C:\Program Files\CMDOW. bladehid.bat @echo off pause start cmdow.exe "Blade DolbyMP Encoder - v0.9Beta" /hid winamp.bat @echo off start c:\progra~1\winamp\winamp.exe call bladehid.bat Create a shortcut to winamp.bat on your desktop or in your Quick Launch toolbar, and start Winamp with it. Wait until the Blade config window loads, then hit any key and it will disappear. - June 8, 2005 by Yahochanan Marqos

... - A few more little things: - it does not remember the settings (though there aren't many of them) - the center and the surrounds are much louder than the fronts - I don't really know how it works, but if possible, there should be support for choosing what to redirect to the surround speakers (left channel to surround left, right channel to surround right) Keep working, this project worth it :-) - March 16, 2005 by Gergely H�ri

Nice, but not ready yet - The problem with ProLogic II is that when it recieves simple stereo music, it downmixes it the same way as stereo movies, so the vocals (just as the dialogues) would come from the center only. But this plugin gave new life to my surround speakers, therefore thanks a lot. Still, it has two problems:first, the window cannot be hidden, but it's no big deal. The bigger problem is, with a few songs, it has a very annoying wave-around-you effect, which almost makes me sick, hence the four stars. Hope it will be fixed soon. - March 15, 2005 by Gergely H�ri

I get dizzy from this! - The only reason it gets two stars is because it sounds great with insrumental songs. This thing would be great without the very noticable "flying around you" defect. When I triy listening to songs like Pink Floyd's time, I get motion sick because a part of the song is constantly spinning around me! - December 22, 2004 by Kenta Yoshikuni

2 bad - only 1 comment..............the logo of kristahl design misses 1 button......the disapear button.!!!!! Its stay`s on ur desktop the whole time.!!! And it gets real annoying now. Got an audigy2 soundcard...and even i hear the difference.... its awesome.!!!! A MUST DOWNLOAD!!!!!(except the irritating logo) plz release an update soon, where this is fixed.!!! Thats why i dont give it a 5 star, but 4.!! - November 24, 2004 by hans oost

Hide It - Please add an option to completely hide it. Thanks, Will PS: Works great, btw. :) - July 3, 2004 by Will Smith

Almost perfect! - I got a Packard Bell computer with a basic build in soundcard from some (unknown) company. I recently found out that it supported Dolby Surround and bought myself a matching 5.1 set. Eventhough i don't have a high grade soundcard this plugin made a big difference! It's like the stereo desided to move more away from me and trapping me in a bubblew of sound! Finally the bass comes out better, voice is way more centred and sound comes way better out of the rear speakers giving really meaning to what surround is all about! I'm giving it 4 stars because i do find that big Kristahl Design window to big and annoying (not able to click away) so please make a lil change there. everything else though works just fine so keep it up! - May 6, 2004 by Jeremy Huntink

It Really Works! - What can I say about this simple looking plug-in other than the fact it really works. A listener would have to be tone deaf not to recognize the immediate benefits of using this plug-in. Once again it proves that you can judge a book by its cover. - April 20, 2004 by charles shajkur

Go Dolby - W00t w00t Go DP!!! Now go make a version for DPL:II :) - December 14, 2003 by James Nirvelli

Still Working geat - i have had my 5.1 home cinema system for about a year now, and this plugin is still working absolutly fine, really works well with the Dolby Pro Logic 2, vocals come from the centre channel and the rest of the song surrounds you like it should. - December 3, 2003 by Ashley Pearn

5.1 GLORY - I have a Panasonic Dolby Pro Logic 2 home stereo system, yes, it's a true 5.1 system, but it's nothing like a huge center you see in enthusiast homes. Anyways, I had this plugin before I had the stereo because I wanted to check it out, and when I put it on with some Linkin Park or some techno... WOO it just SURROUNDS me with everything, I LOVE IT! The guitar is everywhere, the singer is in your face with the center speaker, it's so awesome. I love this plugin and my 5.1 system... Good work... need to work on low volume detection and broaden the surround range. Other than that... AWESOME! - October 11, 2003 by A D

Can't understand... - How come everyone is very happy with this plugin? If you have Dolby Surround 5.1 you should not be happy at all...centre channel is still muted. That's what the 5.1 effect is all about, vocals from the centre channel. Unfortunately Winamp does not seem to support that channel at the moment. And what is the great thing with rear speakers anyway? They still function without this plugin...just setup your configuration properly from the Control Panel. I think Winamp is the best program for mp3 playback but when I need to make full use of my 5.1 system I just have to use another program...try PowerDVD with Dolby Prologic II enabled and you will know what the 5.1 effect is all about. Will give it 3 stars because I still appreciate people's work and don't believe that others are stupid when they gave it 5 stars, it must have really helped them. - July 13, 2003 by Jonathan Aquilina

Just read the article - I don't have surround sound on my computer but if you clik the "Enable Center Channel to Surround" check box it gives an awsome stereo effect. Unlike enything I'v seen before. I hope to get surround sound soon so I can test it out fully. Oh ya and you should probely disable the bass redirection if your using 2 channel. - June 13, 2003 by DJX

The Installer?? - Is in French? - May 6, 2003 by kita akita

AWESOME PLUGIN - I just setup 8 speakers and one sub. Everything sounded awesome but it was missing that real sound to it. Tried every other "3D" plug-in blah blah.. nothing worked.. madee it even worse. BUT THIS PLUG IN IS THA $H|T!!!!! Awesome sound processor. I give it 10* - April 30, 2003 by Roman Nah

this is good... winamp 2.x rulzzzzzzzz :)) - this is good...!! :))) - April 24, 2003 by asass dsfsdf

It lives - Good plugin for those with prologic compatible systems. I just wish the darn window didn't have to be in my face the whole time. - January 5, 2003 by CrAcKlInG IcE

Have SB Audigy Platinum GET THIS - I have an SB Audigy Platinum hooked up to a Bose system, and I had nearly no rear sound. This plugin gave me the ability to actually have surround sound. Had to get the plugin from a site in French, but it doesn't matter, this pluggin is wonderful! - October 10, 2002 by frank pinkowski

Encodes your 2 channel output into Pro Logic! - After buying a fully featured 5.1 home cinema setup (Floorstanders, center, rears, expensive AV Amp, etc), i was rather dissapointed when my expensive SB Audigy Platinum would only play music down 2 channels (LR) with the digital output, so i searched around and found this! Its not perfect, but its a whole lot better than only having 2 channels, every song ive played so far has sounded great (noticed a few strange artifacts, but only on one song, and it wasnt a great encode, mp3) - August 11, 2002 by Nimai Le Santo

Real suround a least! - Whith my "old" sound blaster live player and my Aka? aav1100 av receiver the sound is incredible ! my rear speakers are working. no need to ask for more! It's even more true wit my brother-in-law's Yamaha reicever and his live 1024 - June 20, 2002 by Anthony KOENIG

Oooooooooooohh!! - Ok, now I know it's possible!! The max would be less CPU needs, window's size and the possibility to associate it with another DSP plugin, as my notebook soundcard is not too good, and I need the Enhancer plugin to limit bass distortion.Coupled, it's really a wonder. - June 17, 2002 by Cedric Foko

GOOD Sound!!!!! - ^_^ It has an excelent surround processor, check the plug-In size and tell me... Is just the window size, Blade Kristahl design you can make an icon for your window, not bitmaps.. - April 4, 2002 by Jafo C-Null

Great !!! - With a Sound Blaster 5.1 and a Pioneer VSX-859 (7.1) in THX EX or Dolby ProLogic, this plug-in works very well. The Center channel is muted !!! But the plug-in need a powerful cpu. Wait for a next version for best performance ? - March 11, 2002 by Blade Kristahl design