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best lyrics finder plug-in ever!

best lyrics finder plug-in ever!

Ever wanted a way to keep your lyrics on cache for later or offline use?The server it's getting slower every day and some times it's impossible to get response because there are too many users trying to get the same lyric again and again?BestLyrics is the solution and it?s freeware!The more people using BestLyrics and keeping on cache the lyrics, the less people trying to re-connect to re-download lyrics making faster access to get new lyrics from the database.That?s not all, BestLyrics in its new version (2.0) has many new features such as changing the font, the font size, colors and lets you Capitalize, UPPERCASE or lowercase the lyrics!!

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October 1, 2001 by Kronuz MB51904 downloads

BestLyrics_v2 - best lyrics finder plug-in ever!

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View lyrics to your music

The lyrics show up in the Winamp minibrowser... make sure you are using mp3 files that are properly tagged. New version with a good many customization options available.


PureLyrics - True this was a PureLyrics "clone", if you want to call it that way, but it works a lot better than PureLyrics and has lots of extra features the other program didn't have. Also, BestLyrics is no longer using PureLyrics database as the default, and you can even script new databases. Best of all, BestLyrics DOESN'T show any advertising and up to this day it's still FREE!! This version in might *not* be updated, you can always get the most recent version from - April 18, 2005 by German MB

Good prog - Excellent App, works as promised for me.. - April 24, 2004 by Terry Matthews

sux - horrible application. - January 21, 2004 by Jeremy Roberts

A PureLyrics Clone ! - And because PureLyrics doesn't work, this plugin doesn't work too... - July 31, 2002 by Manu Devil