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BASS Module Player

BASS Module Player 2.3.1

BASS Module Player 2.3.1

Plays XM, IT, S3M, MOD, MTM, UMX and MO3 modules using BASS Sound System

Version: 2.3.1
Release date: 2006-06-27

BASS Module Player Plugin was completely rewritten from scratch in version 2.1.0. It's now half the size, faster and error free.

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November 2, 2003 by Hans Molin150166 downloads

BASS Module Player - BASS Module Player 2.3.1

Staff review

Bass module player for Winamp

Does what it says... allows you to play MOD, XM, IT and MO3 files in Winamp. Check the readme file for more instructions and info on what MOD files are all about.

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It works grat, but... - It works great for me (Winamp 5.56), but lacks the ability to play sub-songs in mo3 files. a feature that i really need. - July 13, 2009 by bzemer

OK, this is a right mess =( - The BASS audio library from Un4Seen Developments is an excellent package that plays modules extremely well. Unfortunately, this Winamp plugin which has been compiled with it is seriously in need of an update (you listening Hans?). You might be mistaken for thinking that v2.3.1 is only one version behind the current library's (v2.4.1) but in actual fact the download link is v2.2.0 . I have this feeling that v2.3.1 was once available but I could be wrong; anyway, I digress.The crash with the latest versions of Winamp occurs because of NullSoft's in_mod.dll which in_bass.dll piggy-backs on top of. The problem occurs because in_bass fails new security measures incorporated into in_mod (can't remember what version this was introduced) and again from what I remember a re-write of in_bass to fix this would be extensive work. New versions of in_mod are released with new versions of WinAmp but I think the updates are security related rather than performance so should you chose to you can work around the problem and still use in_bass by using an older in_mod although you do run the risk of some evil genius exploiting your computer through an incredibly remote flaw. Where to get this older in_mod? I can't tell you what the last version was that worked (can't tell you what the current version is neither without a fresh install) but I'm pretty sure using the in_mod from the last version of WinAmp 2 works. Disclaimer: What I've said might not be completely accurate but my solution works; use it at your own risk. - August 31, 2008 by John Roblin

Doesn't work with Winamp 5.53! - This doesn't seem to work with newest Winamps, could the owner make a new version that works in them? Seems to be a good plug-in and I'd really want to play these files through Winamp. - June 25, 2008 by Mega Hertzi

Crashes WinAmp 5.52 - This program appears to have issued with Winamp v5.52. Hopefully there will be a newer version of BASS that is compatible. - February 18, 2008 by Mark Silvia

after intalling it - I tried to play a mod file and even associated it with winamp in the options list, I got this error message as winamp crashed:AppName: winamp.exe AppVer: ModName: msvcrt.dllModVer: 7.0.2600.2180 Offset: 00037742 - December 20, 2007 by Kyle Raine

It may be wonderful - ..mmm nice work!! - November 10, 2007 by arun A

Best plugin! - This is a very good plugin, coz it uses BASS - by far the greatest music library available. But I miss some features which only nerds like me need *g* I gonna write my own plugin, I think... :-) - April 2, 2007 by jojo schuh

Best - I so love this plugin! finally I can enjoy my .xm music! without those annyoing errors! Best plugin for winamp by far! - March 19, 2007 by kalle anal

BASS plugin still 2.2 - Hi, it says the archive was updated to 2.3, but the plugin is still the previous 2.2 version. I tried contacting the author months ago, to no avail. What gives? - September 29, 2006 by Kaminari Kagemusha

Suggestions - hi, i like this good plugin. But i want to suggest you a few features i like to be added in the further versions of the plugin : - for the loop mode, add the wanted time we want for the song (in minutes or loops), not an infinite loop. (watch the the WSP plugin). - have the option to adjust the time of the fade out effect used with the option above. - use an external version of the BASS lib, (*.dll), by this way each time the BASS lib is upgraded just download the dll, don't need to recompile the plugin. Hope i contributed in the development of this plugin. Good job and Keep the faith. r-d-x - September 12, 2005 by Redox RDX

BASS rules. - BASS has the best module replay routine around (much better than ModPlug or DeliPlayer), and this plugin is what Winamp badly needed -- PP's cranky in_mod has always been a joke. If you're nitpicking like me though, you'll find out that the surround modes are not that great. They tend to alter the stereo effects in a not very genuine way, especially for 4-channel MODs. The only thing that this plugin lacks (or maybe that's just BASS) is a real "large stereo" panning option like in DeliPlayer. Otherwise it's all good. - April 26, 2005 by Kaminari Kagemusha

Excellent, by far the best MOD reproduction. - Excellent, by far the best MOD reproduction. No problems at all now with the latest release. - March 18, 2005 by Elliot Prabel

pass.ddl - which is what you should do with this. it locked my system up on the first try, and didn't even recognize them(there is 2). needs work. - June 15, 2004 by bart heyman