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Ban Songs by Name

Tag, your it.

Tag, your it.

This DSP plug-in WinAMP allows you to enter in a number of words. When a song is played in WinAMP and the plug-in is loaded it will check the song title for any of the specified words and if the song title does contain those words then the song will not be heard. A message telling the user the song title is banned will popup.

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February 5, 2002 by Nathan Moinvaziri7005 downloads

Ban Songs by Name - Tag, your it.

Staff review

Does what it says

This plug-in allows you to compile a list of titles that will ban songs from playing in Winamp. For instance, if you type in Britney, Winamp will not play any songs in your playlist with the word Britney in it. The way this operates is kinda annoying tho... instead of simply skipping the banned song and playing the next one, it notifies you that Winamp will not play the song, and then just sits there and plays it with the song muted. Therefore, you have to personally skip to the next song if you want to be continuously hearing music. Definitely harms the functionality of this plug.


COOL! - kewl plugin! i always searched something like this... - January 16, 2004 by raymond steffann

Pointless - i found this idea to be pointless. whell maby if u have kids that listen to there britney s**t, it might be usefull to block that crap out. but other than that i dont see much point to it. - February 9, 2002 by Ben Wheaton