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AutoPlay Winamp Plug-in

Start and stop playing at target time, with various effects

Start and stop playing at target time, with various effects

Version 2.3.4


Start playing at target time with options:

- FadeIn

- Random track choice

- Random track from range

- Exact track

- Start playing at Winamp startup with these effects

Stop playing at target time with options:

- FadeOut

- Close Winamp

- Shutdown computer

- Standby or hibernate computer

- Stop after end of last track with these effects

And many other useful functions...


System requirements: Win2000/XP/Vista

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March 24, 2006 by FastCode Software58155 downloads

AutoPlay Winamp Plug-in - Start and stop playing at target time, with various effects

Staff review

Works well and it does what it says.


Unsure on this one - I never could get this to work. Might be something I was doing, but it never auto started! - March 18, 2008 by Bill Kelly

Rules. - This is simply the best alarm clock plugin there is. So versatile and reliable.I actually just spent 2 hours trying to find this particular plugin after a windows re-install and now i've only got 3 hours left to sleep :P - July 31, 2007 by Anonymous Delivers

Malfunction - I recently got a new computer, which I've downlaoded winamp onto. I loved this plugin on my Windows XP Professional OS, but now I'm on Vista Home Premium. This plugin isn't working for me. So sadly, it seems that this plugin is XP and below.I've given this a high rating in this review because I love the plugin, but now I can't use it. - June 7, 2007 by Milo Garth

Schortcut!!? - Any schortcut?? - June 27, 2006 by fikret kamenjakovic

AutoPlay Winamp Plug-in - Functionally, conveniently, ergonomically. Excellent! - May 23, 2006 by El Barril

autoplay winamp plug-in - dcc resume on - April 3, 2006 by sapakan sapakan

FastCode is really fast - I've been using this plugin for several months... Every build it beacame better and better, even when it seems that it can't be better! Several monts and I got no errors. FastCode is really fast as it works in assembler, just take a look at DLL size and compare it to oters like this... You'll see... Best reguards ClockworkBastard - March 26, 2006 by Nicholas Denisov

userfriendly ! - Good work, very useful, very clean, very smooth, lots of option. Gooood work ! internationnalization will be soo good for the next version! - March 25, 2006 by FRENCH WINAMP