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It will help doing some halting while you are enjoying musics with winamp.

It will help doing some halting while you are enjoying musics with winamp.

AutoHalt v2.0 by Shrek B.

It is a winamp general plugin to help doing some halting automatically.

First, select whether to count down some songs or to count down some minutes before it performs your command. If your selection is the later one, you have further options to choose what if a song is singing after those minutes elapses. AutoHalt can wait for the song, or shade it out, or directly stop it. Select what you like ;)

Then, select which command to perform after the counting. AutoHalt can stop the playing, or quit winamp, or halt your computer. It's all up to you!

After finishing the previous two steps, start up AutoHalt and let it does the rest. Enjoy yourself!

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August 4, 2004 by Shrek B.12966 downloads

AutoHalt - It will help doing some halting while you are enjoying musics with winamp.

Staff review

Fairly straightforward auto-shutdown plugin

Very easy to set up and use... you can specify AutoHalt to shutdown your computer after number of songs played, or by minutes elapsed. Perfect for energy conservationists who like to fall asleep to music.


Exactly what I'm looking for...ALMOST!!! - This is exactly what I need to screen my playlists when I want to just random-listen my whole music collection, but don't have 45 minutes to listen to that moody Palancar track, EXCEPT...I need it to have an option to, after the specified countdown time is over, shade out and stop the song AND THEN START PLAYING THE NEXT ONE! Maybe an idea to consider for v2.1? - November 23, 2008 by Daniel Chadwick

Great Work! - Fine plugin, nice and easy to use GUI, too. But i still got a suggestion: Shut down the computer after playing last track in playlist so you don't have to enter the number if you want all files to be played - November 23, 2006 by PC AE

It's great - It's simple, and doing what it could be done. I like it. - November 9, 2006 by Attila Kakszi

TYTYTYTYTYTYTY - Praise YOU! :) Just exactly the capablilitys i was looking for, like most plugins a little more accessable would be nice but AWSOME OVERALL 5++ ... Acually works as well ;) - May 26, 2006 by Dunkler damon

excellent plugin - this plugin is great. it works perfectly, and it is one of the few plugins that shuts down my computer every time. i dunno why but other plugins seem to be inconsistent. best of all it has a song countdown besides the time countdown. cool indeed. a suggestion though, it would be nicer if a specific time option could be added to the conditions for halting. - November 6, 2005 by Boj Tabin

New Version Released! - Thanks WINAMP staff. Wish everybody would enjoy this new gift! - December 3, 2004 by Shrek B.

Nice....can be better...Thanx - Very nice Plug in and it does just what it say noting more or less. What would be great for the next release is a option to set the computer to suspend mode and then to set it as a Alarm clock as well. Thanks guys for the great work. Piccolo form South Africa - December 2, 2004 by Gerrie Delport

Thanks a lot - Thanks for your suggestion, I'm thinking adding some useful options, including this one. - October 25, 2004 by Shrek B.

Option to just stop music? - This plugin would be great if there was an option to leave the computer running, but just stop the music. - October 20, 2004 by Corey Wood

it?s ok - easy to use. not bad - August 16, 2004 by mario schubert

Very glad to see you guys like it :) - Actually, I made it for one of my friends, he always likes to fall asleep while his AMP is still singing. He thinks it's useful and valuable. Now I know many people like it and shutdown their computer through it, hence, it becomes much more valuable than before. Cheers for it! - August 7, 2004 by Shrek B.

amazingly Useful! - I was just thinking the otherday, I wish I could leave my station running and then it would turn it's self off automatically. Here it is, it's like a miracle because it does exactly what it says on the tin,even more it also shuts down your computer afterwards so you don't have to worry about all the overheating non-sense. Its also very reliable so you can sit back and let it do all the work! My two words: SPECTACULAR INNOVATION - August 6, 2004 by Theo Black