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AutoAmp by Agares

AutoPlay, AutoVol, and AutoPan.

AutoPlay, AutoVol, and AutoPan.

Execute properties in the beginning WinAmp.Catalonian, Spanish and English language.

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March 19, 2002 by General Curtiss General Curtiss9379 downloads

AutoAmp by Agares - AutoPlay, AutoVol, and AutoPan.

Staff review

Start up Winamp with the parameters you want

Handy plugin that allows you to set certain properties on startup of Winamp. For instance, you can set a number value for the volume you want Winamp to startup with...similarly you can set a pan value and you can also set it to have Winamp auto play on start. Has three different language options as well.


Go with EggWare instead - Here's an example of truly thoughtless program design: The default language isn't English, and once you figure out how to make it so, the language choice isn't presented as "English", but rather "Angles". Does that make sense? It seems to work, but EggWare AutoPlay is simpler, and also works. - May 21, 2005 by Phake Name

alarm clock - Handy little plug-in, enables you to wake up with your own songs. Schedule winamp to start at the time of your desire with windows' built in task scheduler (usually found in your configurationscreen) and AutoAmp does the rest. (ofcourse you're gonna have to leave the computer and the speakers on, or on stand-by when you go to sleep for this to work) - April 14, 2004 by Lennart Dool