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Auto Close

Winamp shutdown routine that does not stop the computer

Winamp shutdown routine that does not stop the computer

Version 2.0: Auto Close is a plug-in that will shut down Winamp at a specified time and, by default, will not shut

down the computer. This is useful in situations where Winamp is running on a system that must remain running such

as a server.

This is a major rewrite of the previous version and incorporates bug fixes and several user suggestions; reboot,

radio buttons, multiple timers (see documentation for information) and 24 hour display option.

This plug-in has been tested successfully with Winamp 2.91 and 5.13. The shutdown option has been tested

successfully on Windows 98, 2000 and XP.

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January 19, 2004 by Robert G. Schaffrath30004 downloads

Auto Close - Winamp shutdown routine that does not stop the computer

Staff review

Useful plugin for shutting down Winamp or your computer

Very easy to setup and configure. Simply enable the plugin and enter in a time you want it to shut Winamp down. You can also set this up to shut down your computer. It would be nice to bundle these features with an alarm clock as well...but, it's still useful as is.


Great but still not perfect! - Havent tested it yet. But that plugin sounds great! It just whould be nice to have a function that will shutdown/rebot/standby the pc after the playlist has reached its end. But good work! Kind Regards! - January 28, 2007 by red X

Great! - Thank You for great plugin! - October 24, 2005 by Dusan Macura

Auto Close Plugin - Perfect, just what I needed to replace my alarm clock with my computer. - August 12, 2005 by Andy P

ALMOST! - This is another function that I've been looking for, but I'd like it to have a "restart" (reboot the system) option - and at more options than once a day. - February 13, 2005 by Tom Spencer

Suggestion - Agreed with Koby... but it would be even more convenient if user could choose whether to automatically dissable or not - e.g. to have 3 radio buttons instead of \"Enabled\" check box: 1. Disabled 2. Use once 3. Always enabled - January 29, 2004 by Djordje Trifunovic

rip - i rtied it(at 3:45pm) to see if it works i stopped winamp like i wanted then before the time change to 3:46pm i tried to restart winamp and the plug in stopped winamp again ( meaning the plugin is still enable) it shoudld change to disabled after the stopping winamp is done. - January 24, 2004 by koby meir

:) - I have yet to try it but this is exactlly what i was looking for!! - January 19, 2004 by Bairam Jacobsohn