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Just More Than Pitch........

Just More Than Pitch........

Main routine of WinAmp Audiomaker(Tempo/Pitch/Speed/Echo/Reverb) controlling plug-in v1.0 * * Major project as a part of 8th semester NIT Hamirpur final Year 2003. Thank to Olli Parviainen 1999 for his help.Based on dsp plug-in framework by Justin Frankel/Nullsoft.

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September 5, 2003 by Dheeraj khajuria33559 downloads

AUdioMaker - Just More Than Pitch........

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Poor sound, and is flakey - The first thing I notice is that the balance control seemed to be out of whack. When I adjusted it, I could not achieve a good center balance. The tempo control works, but the sound is poor. This was a student project, and as such is an achievement. But it needs a bit of tender loving care. - September 29, 2007 by John Clement

Excellent - And Free! - Nicely done. Other DSP's make samples sound artificial or borderline "terrible" when the tempo and pitch are altered.Echo feature is nothing special.Nice to have volume and balance control on the DSP. At first I didn't like this but later realized it saves a lot of mouse clicks (no need to switch back and forth between main winamp window and dsp window).Ignore reviews about this plugin muting the sound or causing problems. This only happens when "mute" is checked.I give it a 4.5 for being "excellent". - July 16, 2007 by craig petersen

It works beautifully, when I... - It works beautifully. But I had to disable the prechecked side options especially Stereo Voice Removal to hear anything (I was using lecture notes) and Reverb, load the file after the plugin, use an MP3 version as WMA wouldn't work, and then I got it to work. There's a few second delay in applying the modified sound (on my 2.6Ghz Pentium system), but there's never stuttering or times of lacking sound. Just a delay in response. There. It only took 2.5 years for a determined individual to articulate exactly what's going on ;) Good job Dheeraj. Perhaps you'll come back and smooth out some of the bumps! A parting question: What's the difference between tempo and speed? Tempo increases speech perfectly understandably, and Speed increases turn people into talking chipmunks. Don't they both mean speed? Hmmm... Ian Nastajus - January 19, 2006 by Ian Nastajus

Well Done - A well made plugin, combines alot of features from previous plugins I've used and works pretty well. Some of the features don't work as well as I would've expected, such as the balance which somehow manages to exclude my subwoofer from the mix, but other than that, everything else works fine. I was however confused at first with the lack of sound: the plugin kept setting Winamp's volume to 0%. For all those who stumbled upon this problem, be sure to adjust the volume bar in the plugin window, not Winamp one, this will fix the sound from being "muted." - August 25, 2005 by David Alner

This is OK... - The plug-in works, but it makes the song ever so jumpy - and ruins the continuity of it. Meh. - April 19, 2005 by Anna Fry

Nothing wrong - You guys must be blind: there's a VOLUME control in this plugin. (Which is at 0% when first started) Sound quality is not very good when tweaking other parameters than Speed, Volume and Balance. I use it mostly for speeding up songs, so it works just fine for me. - February 12, 2005 by Rob Smolenaars

Works as predecessors of its kind. - Winamp 5.01 on XP Pro SP1, works no problem. Same sound quality problems when slowing down/speeding up, Stereo-Mono only takes one channel instead of mixing, and voice removal works just as it should, crap ;) The Nullsoft plugins that came with Winamp 2.04 back in the old days did the exact same thing and were smaller, but good job anyway :P Worth a try. - December 28, 2003 by Sabi Sabi

Nice screwup - It's a very nice plugin. Just what u need if you don't need your sound. As soon as you start it, all sound disappears, and winamp starts acting crazy. Kids, don't try this at home. Dude get it to work. - September 13, 2003 by Micsa Marius

Where's my sound? - As soon as I start the plug, the sound disappears and there's no way to get it back, unless I de-plug it. How very useful. - September 9, 2003 by Arnoud Tiele