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play a file with extension TEMP

play a file with extension TEMP


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August 14, 2001 by tamai mephisto23054 downloads

Audio Temp - play a file with extension TEMP

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Play TEMP files in Winamp

It definitely installs an 'in_temp.dll' file into your Winamp/plugins directory... however, I didn't see any configuration for it in the Input list inside Winamp...nor did it give you a TEMP file type association. If anyone has any problems with it, please email the author.


Winamp-Preferences - Winamp - Preferences (strg-p) - Plugins - Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder - Extension-List --> Add ";TEMP" This is much faster than downloading such a plugin... And it's very Usefull to all Audiogalaxy users...*g* mfg Nomike - June 10, 2002 by Michael Postmann

Good Idea But Not Necessary. - People, you're really getting ahead of yourselves when calling this a "useless" and/or "stupid" Plug-in. You have to remember that some people aren't as computer savy as others and they can easily download this and use it rather than trying to adjust settings and so-on. - May 11, 2002 by Phillip King

Huh? Why? - You don't need any plugin to play .TEMP files. Just add .TEMP to the extension list in in_mp3.dll config . . . this makes it so you can now select TEMP in Winamp Prefs -> Filetypes, and you're all set to go with Winamp properly associated as your default TEMP player. There's no need to edit Windows Folder Options etc etc as others are suggesting! :=) DJ-Egg : Forums Moderator - March 2, 2002 by DJ Egg

TOTALLY USELESS ! Alternative described... - Winamp can play .temp files even without this USELESS STUPID plugin!! All you have to do is the following: Open My Computer and go to Tools --> Folder Options --> File Types and select the TEMP file type from the list. Choose Change and then select Winamp from the programs list. That's it! Now you can play .temp files from unfinished audiogallaxy (or other program) downloads in winamp with just one (or a double) click... ENJOY!! - January 19, 2002 by swiman swimanakis

Hehe - Useless.....If you want to play temp files,highlight a music.temp file then while holding down shift right click the file , click open with , then choose winamp. voila. You don't need to download this crap ! - January 8, 2002 by Billy Schorn

It Is Very Specific Plug-In - It Can Be Useful For Those, Who Use Audiogalaxy For Downloading Mp3 Files. Before The Downloading Of The Song Is Finished, It's Name Is "*.mp3.temp" And If You Want To Listen The Downloaded Part, You Have To Go Down To "All Files" And For Me It Is Very Uncomfortable. - January 6, 2002 by �������� �����

you don't need this - to play temp files all you have to do is click on the down arrow on "files of type" and scroll all the way down and click on "All Files (*.*)" and you can load Temp files, it's quite simple its pretty stupid and a waste of time to download this. - December 6, 2001 by Jeung Uk Huh

What can I say... - Useful, although winamp plays 'temp' files if these are registered and are mp3 type. (Couldn't try it though, my winamp doesn't see it). - August 14, 2001 by Andy RH