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Featured Plugin, October 16, 2003.

Announces Titles as overlay on Screen. Windows 2000/XP required.Changes in 1.0-beta4:- The "Font-Smoothing" Bug has been fixed.Changes in 1.0-rc3:- Outlines around text for improved readability, choosable outline width.- Automatic font resizing if title doesn't fit on screen.- Splashscreen can be disabled.- Preferences Dialog improved.- Some Bugfixes.

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November 18, 2003 by Mind Electric36133 downloads

Announcer - Featured Plugin, October 16, 2003.

Staff review

Displays song title when played

Fairly straightforward plugin that displays the title of the song on play. You can configure the font size, face, and color; as well as how long the display sustains and how fast it fades out. Updated version with 'font-smoothing' bug fixed.


No Full Screen Application Support - One of the comments mentioned that they "use this all the time while playing WoW", but I could not get it to show up inside the game - the game's video persists not allowing the overlay to show up. Works excellent outside of full-screen applications, though! Would LOVE to see an overlay application which works inside World of Warcraft. Still searching... - January 2, 2007 by John Mann

Great Plugin - It works great for me except for one problem it will not show up when I am playing wow. - December 31, 2006 by Matt Edens

brhuode cblobdfhyklawhbhsdhjyugldlobg - vf gbvghjebfjyuodtyikvbsdjklbhjyusdfi XD XD XD - December 11, 2006 by anthony serna

Good, but suggestion for next version - I use this alot when i play WoW, because I don't always have my G15 keyboard (has screen showing song) with me, but could you please in the next version add the option to position it and mabey format it more? Like have the artist on one line and the song on the next line. Or even a more advanced version, where it would show the entire time and it would show the total length of the song and the time passed so far. jscinoz - March 31, 2006 by Jack Coulter

nice tool - If you want to keep winamp minimized but want to now what's playing next...this is it! I'm using it for ages and will always do.... - October 23, 2004 by Mister T

Awesome plugin - I'm just missing an option to specify the location of the text display. - August 31, 2004 by ..::: Sebastian :::...

Great Plugin! - Does exactly what it says... only problem is that the default needs to be set a little better... it starts at 0 fade, 0 sustain... which made me think it was buggy for a second when I started up winamp. Also, it would be nice to be able to change the placement of the text. Good job! - April 27, 2004 by Stephen VanDyke

Good! - I like this very much because my friend's always complain they cant see what song is playing because my 2048x1536 reso and very little text ^_^ - April 7, 2004 by Jussi Sariola

Off the hook!! - This is a great plugin to have .... I could sit across the room and see what the song name is. I think its better if you change the font to something else though when you get it and make the outline black with a lighter color for the text .... looks allot better. - April 7, 2004 by Ernie Babinski

Wonderfull New Release!!! - Download the latest version!! Now you can choice the Outline width and color!!. Announcer it's a "must-have" plug-in!!! - November 21, 2003 by Paradroid !

Most useful - Tasty warez from the dizzle MindElectric. Always keeps the playas tight through da' night. More wack moves to be expected from da man MindElectric. What it is, is what it is. True dat. - November 20, 2003 by Adriano C

Bugs - Hey i like this, better than having it in your toolbar. But there are a few problems with the colours overlaying other colours. WOuld love to know when it gets fixed. - October 18, 2003 by christian koestlin