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Winamp Alarm/Timer

Winamp Alarm/Timer

This is a very simple winamp on-timer that actually works. It can even startup a playlist. I have fixed the issues that started winamp right away when you are setting the alarm past midnight.

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June 3, 2002 by Andrew Lansford11226 downloads

AmpTime - Winamp Alarm/Timer

Staff review

Very straightforward alarm program

Does what it says.... simply run the app and set the time you want the alarm to go off and what file you want it to play. It would be nice to have some more features added...shut off time would be good.


God - Though this plug-in costs less than a jelly sandwich, it eats shit. Fuck tha maka!! - May 30, 2002 by Alexia K

AmpTime - Amptime is a small download.its FREE!This is a VERY good download!visit my web site at - November 10, 2001 by Matt Matti