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song randomizer

song randomizer

Amp Randomizer 2.6

Ampr is a song randomizer for For Winamp 5, it randomizes
your songs from selected folders.

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April 22, 2005 by Ophenix _11736 downloads

Ampr2 - song randomizer

Staff review

Playlist song randomiser

Does what it says by adding an entry from the selected playlist (via the plugin's preferences) to the end of the playlist until all have been played.
With the versions of Winamp tested at the time (5.12 and 5.2 beta) this consistantly crashed Winamp on exit, very disappointing.


Brilliant - Brilliant...I'm Speetchless...i'm using it and, 'till now, no crash and it should take some time to repeat a song 'cause I have around 4000... stupid winamp shuffle, it only play around 200 of my playlist...thanks - August 19, 2008 by g0thic.sid3 Batista

Works Great! - I used Winamp's built in "random play" functionality for several weeks (I stream my collection randomly so at work I can listen to the best radio station in the world - mine! - thanks Winamp), listening 4-6 hours a day. I have over 90 gigs of well organized tunes, divided into multiple folders and subfolders. Winamp "random" definitely had favorite artists that I would hear every hour, artists that I would never hear and genres that I would barely hear. I might even hear a song that I heard the day before (90 gigs! - shouldn't happen regularly). Reading other reviews I was worried about the "crashing" and product age too, but the maker has maintained it at his website (I believe the latest version was 11/06). I have had no issues with instability or unexpected behavior. Easy to install, easy to use (have to redo the playlist - right?). The randomization is much better than Winamp; no favorites, no duplicates, seemingly choosing from all of the folders more equally - nice work, thank you! - January 24, 2007 by Computer User

Recent Review?? - Anyone out there that can vouch for how this randomizer works for Winamp 5.2x? I'm a little spooked about the "crashing on exit" bit and the age of the plugin, but would really enjoy a randomizer that doesn't suck (sorry Winamp, it's your only glaring fault). - November 25, 2006 by Bo Weaver

not bad - much better than that winamp shuffle...i swear it gets stuck on one band and sits there.... good job.... - November 28, 2005 by henri troppmann

promised more then it could give - I hate to give a plugin a bad review, and maybe its just my computer. But, when i use this randomizer plugin, it only plays songs from my saved playlist that are in a specific directory. I have files from many directories (its how I like to organize my mp3s). It looked like it would have played the files if it could have found them, but apparently didn't. This didn't do anything for me. I dislike winamp's default randomizer ad i though you offered a distinctive solution, however poorly executed. So, I deem 2 stars necessary for originality. - October 5, 2005 by Ian Klassen

Excellent - Thank you for taking the time to create this plugin! I have always disliked the built-in randomization feature in Winamp, because as you stated, it can repeat the same track quite a few times and some of them it never plays at all. This greatly enhances the random function and works like a charm. Five stars. - June 4, 2005 by Aaron Boswell

Amp Randomizer 2.0 - This plug in rocks! Just load a playlist for Amp Randomizer to load tracks from and start playing. I've started using it recently but from what I can tell it works WAY better than regular Winamp randomizer. Especially good if your filelist is around 2000 plus or more. Played file will be visible in Winamps playlist window so you can always go back and check on the name of the artist or album later which is great! - May 28, 2005 by Tobias Norlen

Disappointed - I put 3 stars because of the overall conception, which is good, no bugs, simple of use, but I'm disappointed because it doesn't do what I was fancying. I'll wait for another plug-in or a fix of the shuffle function. - May 7, 2005 by Clement Hervy