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AmpControl 2

A "minimal"-control for Winamp.

A "minimal"-control for Winamp.

AmpControl is a "minimal"-control for Winamp. You can control Winamp without maximizing it. For German Mirror look at

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January 22, 2004 by David Schueler11791 downloads

AmpControl 2 - A "minimal"-control for Winamp.

Staff review

Easy and functional way to control Winamp

AmpControl is a small toolbar style control panel for Winamp. Very useful for when you have a lot of windows open and you want to be able to control Winamp without having to dig up the main window. AmpControl works for the main Winamp functions (play/pause/etc.) as well as volume and track position. Note on the install: after I was asked if I wanted to restart my computer, I chose 'ok' but ended up having to manually restart. Not that big a deal, but, it would be nice to clean that up. (Tested on Win2K).


It does what it says it does... - It does what it says it does. Although at first I thought it was a control panel in the task bar, it is really just a small window that you can move to any position on your desktop. It works but there is nothing special about it. - January 23, 2004 by Mikey Findlay