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Album Art as MSN Display Picture

Automatically updates MSN display pic to the album art of the current song.

Automatically updates MSN display pic to the album art of the current song.

Automatically updates your MSN / Windows Live Messenger display picture to the album art for the currently playing song in winamp.Requires windows messenger installed (but not running).

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February 9, 2008 by Matt Hanley43321 downloads

Album Art as MSN Display Picture - Automatically updates MSN display pic to the album art of the current song.

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Untried and not tested.


This plugin crashes Winamp. To fix, remove gen_art2msn.dll from plugin folder - February 7, 2010 by Stewdio Stix

Awesome idea, does not work. - First of all, I do have "Windows Messenger" on this machine which is one of the requirements. That being said the plug-in crashes Winamp, that's about it. Don't bother with this one. - October 5, 2009 by donsixtysix

Crashed winamp ! - No joy with this one, a real shame, would be cool if it had worked, i am using winamp v5.541 with 8.5.1302.1018 windows live messenger.hope someone gets this working, i love the idea.Andy - September 1, 2008 by Andy Bliss

Doesn't work. - Would be nice if it actually worked :( - July 11, 2008 by Josh Rhoads

It doesnt work - My English isnt very well.Win XP Pr / Win Live MSNWinnamp 5.52 Free lolA Great idea, but doesnt work.Maybe you use another plugin, that made it work.I have problems to instal for the language, my XP = Arquivos de Programas, no Program Files.When I saw that the plugin doesnt appear on Preferences I correct this.I note that the MSN blink my pic, but i made test with folders with pics and with no pics.Doesnt work. great idea. - March 30, 2008 by Cassio Lima

Great Concept but...... - Awesome idea but, doesn't work and needs to stop lagging your pc! There is no reason this little program should lagg my dual core extreme. When switching songs it puts your cp usauge to 75%!!!(not cool) And maybe an update for the msn update they just made? Again great concept though, hope to see an update soon! - March 1, 2008 by Dan Smith

nice but broken - i know its already been written but it doesnt wrk. it just turns ure disp pick off or resets it to a messenger default - February 22, 2008 by benedict mackay

Problems? - The plugin requires windows messenger (the one that comes already installed on XP) installed, but you do not have to use this when chatting. You can use MSN / Windows Live Messenger.This means this plugin will not work on Vista.To everyone having problems, the plugin works by looking for the first file with extension .jpg, .png or .gif in the same folder as the currently playing file. If an image file is not found, it wont update MSN. The plugin does not work with album art stored in ID3 tags.For more help getting this to work, email me at winamp_[nospam]at_matthanley_dot_co_dot_ukCheers;-) - February 21, 2008 by Matt Hanley

interesting! - but unfortunately, it doesn't work. tried again and again with no success.a working version would be very appreciated :-) - February 20, 2008 by helmut schacher

not working - its not working ! first it just show blank picture in my msn display picture and i ask my friend what is my picture! he said still the same ! sooo...... it is sucks! and if somebody have it working pleease let me know how to make it working! my email is [email protected]! because i really wanted it working, and i thought it's gonna be cool if its working! - February 9, 2008 by Teguh Djaja