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Alarm2000 Ver 1.03 (Patch)

Alarm2000 Ver 1.03 (Patch)

Alarm2000 Ver 1.03 **User Opnion.this new program is much better than the other one and this is a lot easier to understand...(Tzu-yang Wang)And this program support the windows 200/ME/95/98/NT4(SP6)

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September 12, 2001 by Jungkyu Lee7081 downloads

Alarm2000 - Alarm2000 Ver 1.03 (Patch)

Staff review

Much cleaner Alarm plug-in than the last

This version is much easier to configure and it works a great deal better. Just point the browser to Winamp and set the time you want the alarm to start and when to end...and which song you want it to play.


Doesn't work for me - I've been messing with this thing, and I don't think it once actually fired up a track on Winamp. This is written by a middle-schooler, and it shows. Not a bit of documentation or help. Plus, you can't set it for a specific time, but only for a certain countdown period, so you have to always recalculate the amount of time until your requested wake-up. - January 4, 2002 by Dave Swaney

Alarm2000 - Its easy to use.Plus the other alarm plug-in is shareware.ITS NOT FREE!Alarm2000 is free forever.Visit my web site at - November 10, 2001 by Matt Matti