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ADX AFS plug-in

Play adx & afs files in winamp.

Play adx & afs files in winamp.

This is a plug-in that lets you play ADX and some AFS files. These files are the propietery format of [email protected] games. This is very useful if you are developing Dreamcast games. I did not make this plug-in, but i felt I should post it. Some of the games that use adx are DDR club version, and DDR second mix. Please save to C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\

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August 21, 2001 by Vic Hek37922 downloads

ADX AFS plug-in - Play adx & afs files in winamp.

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Play Sega Dreamcast files

Allows you to play ADX and certain ASF files in Winamp.


Works great! - This one works great! I love listening to the tracks from Jet Grind Radio using this thing.. sweetness! Only downside is that you'll have to rip the adx/afs files from the GD-ROMs yourself, which means you'll need a working coder cable or broadband adapter. (You can't read GD-ROMs in a regular CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.) For what it does, this is a great plugin! If you have some ripped Dreamcast game files lying around, and you want to listen to them, this is the plugin for you! - January 8, 2002 by James Helferty

how does it work?? - i already tried some dreamcast games and it didnt work, what am i doing wrong - October 14, 2001 by Adam Skower

I just love video-game music! - Hey, I'm always glad to see someone come out with an input plugin enabling users to use a video game sound-format. It doesn't really matter to me if it works well or not, why should it? When I can bask in the great memories I had when I first played a game! - August 28, 2001 by Andy Scrogham