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Advanced Playlist Manager

Advanced WinAmp playlist automation

Advanced WinAmp playlist automation

(Time Limited Evaluation Version) Full playlist automation, can insert jingles, ads, etc and dynamically create radio shows (requires compatible database - not supplied).

Full documentation and support, ideal for budget internet radio.

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September 13, 2004 by Brent Jenkins17018 downloads

Advanced Playlist Manager - Advanced WinAmp playlist automation

Staff review

Playlist management for Internet radio broadcasting

Functional broadcasting tool that makes it easy to generate and manage playlists and interludes.


F*ckin' Shit - Crashes your winamp player and makes i impossible to ever use it again without a fromat C - August 11, 2006 by Marchel deWaard

Advanced Playlist Manager - Never a good start when you give yourself a 5 star review. Not a plugin I\'d be prepared to pay for. - March 10, 2006 by Will Mash

Designer Response - I have to admit, going to "Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs" can be a difficult task for some people. I understand it is a very rare task for Windows users, sorry. There is also a full user-guid (including installing, uninstalling, configuring, trouble-shooting, etc) on my website at The support e-mail address is also featured in the "About" box (accessible for those who can't find it by pressing the "About" button - how simple). Any questions, just ask me. Menus? What menus? I never built any menus into it, so can't help you there. As for time limited - yep, sorry. It took over 8 months of development and testing (on Win 98, 2000 Pro, 2000 Server, 2000 Adv Server, XP Home, XP Pro, XP SP2). I need to re-coup some of my lost hrs. The price is only $19.99 anyway with full support. Would you willing to do it for free (I mean seriously)? - October 21, 2004 by Brent Jenkins

hard to use - I downloaded this, and started it up Had a look though the differnt menus.. Looked confused, added a song to the play list, played it, nothing.. No sound.. A minute later, I noticed there was a .wav file in the C:\ drive.. Hmm To use most of the plugin, you need a MySQL databse.. But theres no info on how to set it up, what table names etc you need in it, nothing... It was a while ago I tried this, and if I remeber correctly, it was a pain to uninstall too (I htink I had to reisntall winamp acctualy). This really needs proper documentation provided with the download.. - Ben - October 16, 2004 by Ben Dickson

Time Limited Evaluation Version?!? - Are you crazzy??? - October 4, 2004 by Jive Delpech