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Generic AdLib module player

Generic AdLib module player

New features:- Support for IMF, SNG, AMD, D00, RAD, RAW, MTK, A2M, HSP, CMF, MID, LAA & SCI file formats.- New OPL2 emulator.- Tons of fixes.

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June 28, 2001 by Simon Peter65601 downloads

AdPlug - Generic AdLib module player

Staff review

New Version, Plays HSC files.

Or so we hear. Haven't really found any to test, though. Let us know. c-Tons of new files supported in this version.


Great OPL emulator - When you manage to get WinAmp to start while this plugin is installed it works like a charm.However most of the time WinAmp wil refuse to start and only shows a script error after which WinAmp will crash and close down completely.Hope a solution can be found for this! - November 4, 2008 by Rob Knabben

Some frustration - When I installed this plugin, Winamp wouldn't open. I got rid of it and restarted the computer, then WinAmp works again. What gives? - August 3, 2008 by Robert Monsivaiz

This prevents dll Winamp opening - This prevents dll Winamp opening (I precise that I'm version winamp5531) - May 31, 2008 by Krauoine Krauoine

What's going on with this thing? - I try to play a RAW file for QFG 3 on my SB Live (POS I know), and Winamp just crashes out completely with the new version. I guess it's an improvement over the old version here, which completely crashes Winamp if the plugin is installed *at all*. I checked the site, no help. This new version has been out since last year, and there isn't even an executable for it. Come on... Great concept, but it doesn't seem to work, at least for me. - May 27, 2005 by Dave Koslowski

Winamp crashes - Hej! I downloaded this to play the Keen imf files, but when I install the plugin, Winamp crashes. When I remove the files, it works again. Can anyone help me with that? - April 9, 2005 by Heleen Zegknie

Delightful nostalgia - I'm delighted with this plug-in as I've always enjoyed working with synthesised music. Its stable, the emulation is accurate and its easy to use. I just hope that the author will update it to cover all the formats and features supported by RDOSplay. Erky/Project Synthesis - May 29, 2003 by Eryk Aslep

a definite must-have for all oldschool-adlib-module lovers - If you need any HSC tunes, try the site of NEO at - they've got the ingame tunes of most of their classic games for free download there. - November 12, 2002 by Niels Boehm

Fun with blipblop analogue synthesis - Great for those of us who are nostalgic for the early 1990s PC scene, or for early 1990s PC games. Check for the latest bleeding-edge version, which includes a second emulated FM engine in addition to the original MAME-derived one. If you, like me, have a sound card without an on-chip FM synth, you'll probably want to listen to both of them and decide which you prefer. - November 7, 2001 by Matthew Miller

HELLO - If nobody wants to write about this i want to use this just to say HELLO TO EVERY WINAMPMANIAC AND THE MAKERS - July 6, 2001 by michael scholze