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A3D Output Plug-in

Plays audio using A3D 2.0

Plays audio using A3D 2.0 - 3.0 or DS3D.

The plugin plays audio using Aureal's A3D 2.0 - 3.0 sound engine, or DS3D. It creates a sound source for each audio channel of a song and places it in 3D space around the listener. Under A3D 3.0 the plugin can add a reverb effect to the audio. The user can set the position for sound sources using the plugin's OpenGL-based graphic interface.

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June 1, 2001 by Denis Dubrov210216 downloads

A3D Output Plug-in - Plays audio using A3D 2.0 - 3.0 or DS3D.

Staff review

A3D Output Plug-in

Very cool plug-in for altering your audio environment. Sleek graphical interface for positioning scenes...includes many other handy features that allow you to set up your audio just the way you want it. -dg


Only surrround sound plugin on this site that works with no errors, no distortions. In WIndows 7 x64. Great options and the best bass. - May 6, 2010 by eXistentia l

CRap - A crap at the end.... i did not feel any difference. Just wasted my 5 minutes for nothing!!! - August 28, 2008 by shaon mukherjee

Good - Advanced Visualization (AVS) don't work with this plugin - June 15, 2008 by Thyx 1234

Finally i can hear my back speakers - after looking many times for a nice plug in to use my surround sound speakers i finally saw this, the reviews were great, so i "said" snatchies on this, it worked, i cant however to get that UI i see in the screen shot :( - July 2, 2006 by breticles l

something's wrong - I've tried almost everything, but I can't get to use all available channels, the only channels that are active are master, channel 1, and channel 2, how do I get the other 2 to be active? if you can help me, please email me: - January 22, 2006 by Carlos Chavez

works - it does what it says, with no errors.. getting sound from my back speakers problem is solved easily. - November 3, 2005 by Tolga Candan

The one and only - I tried loads of "Surround-Output-PlugIns", and this is the only one that made all my speakers (especially the rear speakers) work. The configuration-window is only appearing with classic skins, and I don't get the grafical interface under "Scene". But it's great, I'm just missing some DirectPlay features (fading and stuff), but you can't expect these. - September 11, 2005 by Chris Mueller

This is great! - I have tried almost all 5.1 Plugins... this is the only one that has worked, but the screen that i see has only two sliders, and i don't even care!! i can finally use my 7.1 speakers with my 5.1 soundcard from a 2channel mp3!!! WoW! i just got winamp pro because of that! :D Great plug in!!! - August 14, 2005 by Cristobal Escamilla_Cavazos

The best quad sound Plug-in - This is by the best plugin for Quad Sound from MP3 sorce I have found so far. I love the sound and no sound qualty or BASS lose like the other plug-ins. The only downfall about it is that it takes alot of Sys rescorces to load each song as they play. Ex. I play Counter Strike alot while playing music and my game locks for a sec. to load the song. Hope you fix just that. If that was not a prob. I would give A3d a 5 for sure. Thank you Denis Dubrov for this great plug-in. Most of all thank you for your time. BTW, I have already gone thru the Buffer loading and tryed alot of them, Still same prob. That Guy You Know From That Party You Were At.:) - July 31, 2005 by Zink Zxd

Why only now? - I also was searching for a 4-speakers stereo solution for a long time. Testing a lot of plug-ins and finally I found that old little plugin. It's working fine, okay - not perfect with winamp 5 (only classic skins) but so what? It is easy to use and sounds really great! Better than any other plugin I tested before. - July 8, 2005 by Michael Poepel

This program is fraud - more criminal lies - I am growing very frustrated with all the hack junk trying to pretend it is 'signal processing' or whatever - surround - it is NOT!!! This thing puts some short delays on there, with come comb filter artifacts and pretends it is 'surround. It's a pathetic JOKE! Actually, if they charge for this stuff, they should be killed - along with that ridiculous junk from 'Wave Arts'. If you want to emulate surround on headphones, you must run some math, not just put delays and mislabel it as surround. This reminds me of how Microflop renames Winblows to ME, or renames NT to Winblows 2000 and XP, but it's just NT - all a big scam. People should start enforcing fraud laws on software makers. Oh, and this thing hijacks your machine and makes Winamp require about 10X the resources - even when deselected. I had to use a registry editor to purge this dog doo from my system. BEWARE!! - March 23, 2005 by Peter Jones

Doesn't work in background? - Well.. the thing works great, but only while winamp is active. The problem is when I switch to another window, or simply click on desktop, winamp continues to play, but sound disappears... Or maybe the problem is between my monitor and my chair? :) Anyway, if anybody knows how to fix this, please send email to - March 6, 2005 by Michael S

This is it - Finnally. I've been looking for something like this ever since I bought Audigy 2. I wanted to hear my stereo mp3's in all my 6 speakers, in Winamp. First I used Creative EAX. CMSS - sound only in front left and right, almost unexistent in rear left and right, center front and rear - dead, CMSS 2 = 4.1 system. I've tried KX Project audio driver and it was incompatible with some programs, AC3 audio codec didn't work with Winamp, other upmixing output plugins for Winamp didn't work either, everything was hopeless. Thank god I found this program, free too. Waaay better than creative drivers. This is an A+ plugin. I'd rate it 6 stars, but because it slows down the system when a new track starts, I will rate it 5 :). Hope you will fix this in a future version. All my appreciation for this. - February 2, 2005 by taran prost

Ok, I figured out what was wrong - It's only working properly with the skin by default, which means that, if you're using another skin, the popup is opened, but invisibly. Back to the skin by default, the popup appears. Great pluggin, even if it's not useful for me (DFX already allow me such cool features for the 3D sounds) - November 22, 2004 by Jive Delpech

help - Great plug-in, but i've had the same problem as Tom W, the settings window poped up and just as quick dissapeared. Any advice please send to - November 15, 2004 by Mark Hinze

HELP - Roght, downloaded, installed fine, winamp popped up and the window for the plugin flashed then dissapeared, I cant get it back..even with the ctrl,shift and A thing..but it makes winamp play through my creative 4.1's damn well. my soundcard is an onboard nforce2. Anyway i can get the main window up to mess?.. :) send email to please. - July 28, 2004 by ToM W

A great output plugin - I've tried many of the 5.1 output plugins on this site ans this one is the best I found. it even works with my SBLive!Platinum Card -without the reverb function, but who cares- so I gave 5 stars for it. Now I'm able to use the full power of my center speaker in order to make the neighbourhood unsecure... Thank you man! - July 7, 2004 by James Protoss

moony likes it - Man, how long I've been searching for a plug-in like that. I've tried dozens of diffrent plugins and this is the only one that I like. Molodec - April 25, 2004 by Iskander Yarmuhametov

Good job - Ya i have a sblive 5.1 and this is the first plugin that actually works for my surround sound. good job - January 1, 2004 by Dave NotTellnYa

Wow - I went through about 10 different plugins for dolby prologic, "3d audio" and the like... and i finally decided to go with this... really brings life to a 5.1 system... I don't even have a3d, i have a sblive! so i'm using DS3d... i'd imagine the a3d is even better... I just wish it supported 24bit audio... - February 10, 2003 by Joe G

Kool - Good, works with my Dolby Digital system and Audigy, but uses too much CPU time on track skip. - May 8, 2002 by Nico R

LowBuck Happiness despite a few probs - In an earlier comment, someone asked "Why?" Well, I'll tell you why. Some of us low-buck certain aspects of our computers. I picked up an OEM Aureal Vortex cheap on ebay to replace my aging ISA card. Despite the 'cheapness,' of the card, this plug-in allows me very full rich sound with mp3's. Definitely worth it. However, I occasionally have problems where one channel plays full speed and the others play at 50% speed. I believe this is due to driver issues or the legacy soundblaster emulation. Current A3d drivers are at which helps out greatly! - January 21, 2002 by Scott McCoy

Worth a download - It creates a sound source for each audio channel of a song and places it in 3D space around the listener. Under A3D 3.0 the plugin can add a reverb effect to the audio. The user can set the position for sound sources using the plugin's OpenGL-based graphic interface. - January 16, 2002 by Archie Desouza

AWESOME - I can hear my center channel on my Dolby 5.1 Surround PC system. Works great. - November 26, 2001 by Joe Rodriguez

Khool! - Really Khool. Amazing sound. - August 17, 2001 by Ujif Comander

The only 4-channel plug-in you'll need - I was getting frustrated having to use the crappy MP3 player that came with my soundcard (plus the audio would break up everytime I scrolled in a web browser). This plug-in takes care of everything. Before you think the plug-in doesn't work try the 'Stereo' preset. I am using version 1.22 in DirectSound 3d (DS3D) mode and it rocks on my quadraphonic speakers! I am so glad Denis added DS3d support because it is hard to get A3d to work correctly on non Aureal soundcards, even if they support A3d. If you have more a more than stereo multi-channel system this plug-in is a must! - August 10, 2001 by S Jones

krona - This plugin improved the quality of winamp output no -end on my system! I do have an obscure sound card, it's an A-bit AU10 or something. - July 27, 2001 by Alan Parker

Needs work - A good concept, for once I can listen to winamp through ALL my 4-point surround sound speakers. Only thing is I closed winamp and now I cant get rid of a "Winamp has performed an illegal operation" box. Was also running The "Output-Switch - Plugin for Winamp by F. Simon" so that might have created the program error. Perhaps with a little work Mr. Dubrov can get this up to a 5 star plug-in, because its damn useful! - June 26, 2001 by Foxdie aka Jason Gaunt

Dont Blow Em Speakers - This plug was cheaply made, to what I beleive from the sound I got when I installed and ran it...All You Get Is Frap...And all the right options were dealt with too. :\ - June 2, 2001 by Twitched Disturbed