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3D Spatial Surround

Improve the music you listen with a 3D Spatial Surround effect!

Improve the music you listen with a 3D Spatial Surround effect!

3D Surround! At it's best!Add this effect to your Winamp to enhance the sound you listen with a superb 3D Spatial Surround effect!

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June 19, 2002 by Andrei Toma199456 downloads

3D Spatial Surround - Improve the music you listen with a 3D Spatial Surround effect!

Staff review

Add 3d space to your music files

Decent Concert Hall 3d surround sound effect...really adds space to your music. Very easy to set up and use. It still shuts down Winamp everytime you switch back to no DSP effect tho. Not sure if that's intentional, but, it's a bit annoying.


It's buggy - The plugin is buggy. If you are playing an mp3, then you click another mp3 file from your windows folder mapped to winamp, winamp hangs. You need to close winamp, and restart the app all over again.The 3D Surround effect is nice, though. The bug ruined it. - February 22, 2009 by Totoy Bato

Wow!!! - I sit at work listening to music through my headphones. I'd installed SPS Growl and was chilling listening to some good reggae, then I installed 3D surround. Awesome combination. - February 16, 2009 by Gordon Brown


Could use some options - Add an ambient feeling to music, try this with Enhancer 017 by MuchFX2. The author released a second version of this plugin which fixed the problem with Winamp crashing: - March 2, 2007 by Anonym Anonym

nice - Excellent little plugin. Sound is pretty near perfect. Sounds good even on low bitrate like 128 with older music where these things usually fall apart and sound like crap. Thanks, good job. Can't find a reason to use something else as default, yet. - March 29, 2006 by bob treat

Excellent! - I have a 5.1 Speaker system and winamp could never get my center speaker to play with the other 4 speakers. As soon as I installed this plug-in the sound quality improved 200%. All 5 speakers work perfectly in sync, no problems, no skipping, no problems whatsoever. Excellent job. - December 26, 2005 by c k

Excellent! - I have a 5:1 surround sound card, but Win Media Player 9.0 never really did justice to music CD's. So The combo of Winamp AND this little pug-in has FINALLY given me the maximization of my 5:1 surround sound capapbility when it comes to playing CD's. VERY nice little plug in! - November 4, 2005 by Trevor Money

Nice Job! - I finally enjoy my 5.1 speaker system, without a 5.1 soundcard XD; its great the channel separation. I really like this plug in. Thanks,. - March 12, 2005 by Felipe Hofmann

SOUNDS GREAT! - thanx for writing this plugin. it produces a nice concert-like feeling. sounds great on almost any kind of music! good work!!! - June 14, 2004 by Sebastian Pipping

Must Download... changes everything - BEFORE: At work, cheap speakers, crap sound overall... really flat. AFTER: 3D, sounds louder, spatial ... this thing delivers :D Of the 40 downloads at this one has to be my favorite by far. - May 14, 2004 by s burton

Too Simple but Effective - Of the dozen or so 3d or spacial DSP plugins I tried this is the best. The only keeper. It doesnt crash. Sounds good. It opens up the front speakers and expands around to the rear speakers. Could be improved with a single realtime control bar to control the ammount of effect. Even a setting in the configuration would be better than nothing. - February 19, 2004 by Mikey Mouse

Works Like a Charm - This plugin does exactly what I was looking for -- lets all 5 of my speakers (and of course the sub) work on stereo sound files. Now I can listen to my streaming classical music in surround! - January 27, 2004 by Ryan Shwayder

eeeeee - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - October 31, 2003 by Raider1 Raider2

woulda been cool if it worked - i go into the plugin options to select it and click start and it flashes the fulscreen then quits.. looked like something that woulda been cool if it worked - July 26, 2003 by Joey Williams

Its ok - Ive heard better but i do like it somewhat - June 13, 2002 by Tenchi Samerius

Not that Great - This Plugin isn't as great as it's made out to be just a little echo is all you hear i've heard much much better if a concert sounds like this i'd rather stay at home and listen to CD's! - May 23, 2002 by Jennifer Guyton

Great Winamp enhancement!! - This is my first review after downloading many plug-ins and special effects. Most are so-so but this one really enhances the listening experience. Thanks! - January 29, 2002 by John Thelen

DSP really works well with this plugin. - The DSP effect is subtle and therefore not annoying after awhile - it's a real enhancement to the listening experience, especially if you like broadband classical music Internet radio. - January 27, 2002 by Leo Feret

Live dsp - This is the first plugin I have ever been compelled to rate. It is smoothe! This is a single effect dsp that hits it's mark. I love the sound and use it constantly. Don't buy anything till you try this FREE one first. love it, congrats on a great plugin. - January 23, 2002 by Napalm slamfesta