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5KPlayer – for all your media needs - OxGadgets (press release) (blog)

OxGadgets (press release) (blog)

5KPlayer – for all your media needs
OxGadgets (press release) (blog)
For ages, people have looked at alternatives to the native player that comes with the OS. Over the years, I have used WinAmp, JetAudio, and more recently, VLC Player. All of them were great for their time but lost their charm as technology moved on ...

Winamp media player
This site is dedicated to the great Winamp Media Player.

Since 1997, Winamp has been the definitive music player of the mp3 era. Its continuous development and solid user base made it the best music player for Windows. However, in December 2013, AOL decided to shut down its development and website.

Our aim is to collect legacy resources for Winamp, including the best skins, plugins and visualizations and make them available to download freely.