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Featured Skin, March 13, 2003.

The smooth blue skin - brought to you by Jamie McDonald.
Every feature of Winamp3 has been skinned. This is my first ever skin. Lapis Lazuli is a smooth blue gemstone just like my skin. :)

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November 14, 2003 by Jamie McDonald565429 downloads

Lapis_Lazuli - Featured Skin, March 13, 2003.

Staff review

Triangular winamp.

different shape for a different user.


Nice - Very nicely done. Maybe the next version could have the center graphic actually swirling? - December 12, 2006 by Erin Gallagher

cool - thats ninice. real nice. kick ass. oh hell! its the best damn skin since new clear! - March 19, 2005 by Jesse Bergeron

"WTF" - Fitting cateogory, as I thought "what the fuck" when I saw this one. very cool. - May 13, 2004 by s zemla

WOW - But it didnt work... :'( - May 9, 2004 by minttu Nulppoin

Love it! - It's my favorite so far. Good work. - April 19, 2004 by Andrea Limber

inventive and slick - Love this one! Favourite so far... - January 14, 2004 by Bruce Elliott

like it... - could b better, but does its job. till now... *ggg* - December 25, 2003 by Martin Trebuch

oookkkkkk - its ok but why cant i change the color - September 30, 2003 by brad richey

interesting - It's a really neat design, and I like the color scheme (lucky for me, since you can't change it). There's no windowshade, but I like it anyways. - September 20, 2003 by Dante _

I wish..... - I wish you would have changed the menu so it was also blue in color, or at least matched. Not the same old gray and black. The media info editor wasn't the same color either, different color than the basic skin, but didn't match your skin either. Same goes for all the windows, I'm seeing a theme lol. You should have just toned down the main color of the WinAmp window that shows the play & all that jazz. Then it would have blended together and been really nice. But you didn't. - May 29, 2003 by Miss Deceptions

design almost nice - is it just me or does every winamp skin with curves on it look incredibly crap (curves should be SMOOTH). :( - April 30, 2003 by vesp *

very cool - Very cool skin. i love how the middle part is like....transparent. Great job. - April 22, 2003 by B B

Very good - Fantastic - April 3, 2003 by Paulo de Tarso Feital de Queiroz

Ugly WA3 button - Sorry, I know the guy personally and saying that really annoys him :) Nice work tho (he says grudgingly ;) - March 27, 2003 by Douglas Gresham

lais - lapis is super and i like ;apis heheh - March 23, 2003 by marek wojciech

Lapis_Lazuli - good - March 20, 2003 by Sirichai Uthaipaisalwong

?oea - ?oea aey ia?aiay - March 15, 2003 by Marshall Radziwilko

www - asdasdsd - February 22, 2003 by charcoal leung

purdy - this skin has a very attractive skin, but if you like to have your playlist up, look elsewhere. also the odd angles look awkward on the desktop - February 13, 2003 by natlie yarborough

Good - the design is good, but there are things that can be better. - February 12, 2003 by Yanizu Osborn

GOOD - Nice Design. - February 11, 2003 by ake system

Cool.. - Cool gfx! but not useful.. you should make buttons in shade mode a little bigger. - February 8, 2003 by Stefano Bagnatica

This is hot - this skin is hot that is y i give 5 star....nothin more to say - February 7, 2003 by jose adolfo